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Patricia gets a letter from a Marine before Noah knocks on her door with news about chatter.

Dalton gets a call from Patricia. The team is needed in Nigeria. Before that, we get to know a little more about the team. Preach has three daughters. Jaz and Dalton are single.

The team needs to escort an ambassador. 

Noah and Hannah talk about the letter Campbell got. 

There's a bombing at the mall. The ambassador's wife was at the mall. The armed militants make demands for the release of a war criminal, but the guy they wanted died a few days ago.

Dalton and team arrive at the mall. They're going in to save the wife.

Preach goes into the hostage territory and sees that the ambassador's wife is alive. The little girl from earlier is there too.

It's a tense situation at the mall as the guys try to make a move. The Nigerian army is outside. Amir is outside with them.

McG is helping the young guy who got shot in the leg. The hostiles move the hostages. The team has to come up with a plan B.

The hostiles realize that someone is an American diplomat. The wife admits it's her. 

Dalton's Plan B goes into effect. They are going to take down the guys and then outside Amir is working with the Nigerian army. The team gets in. Preach is sad about the dead soldier. He could've saved him. The team and hostages get ambushed by the other hostile.

The little girl in the red dress is stuck behind with the hostile and Patricia orders the team to go in and get the girl.

Jaz and Dalton go after the girl. Jaz is just about to get the girl with the other hostile grabs her.

Dalton and Jaz take down the guy and the girl is safe. The heroes win!

Patricia reads the letter from her son. The ambassador and his wife reunite. 










The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Preach: You know what it feels like to have three daughters?
Dalton: I have no idea.
Preach: It feels like being a cash register.

Little girl: You're tough, but you're a girl.
Jaz: Maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl.