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Patricia tells the team about a nuclear submarine hack by a teenager. The team needs to get her out of Turkey. When they go to her apartment they can't find her but find a guy who has gone rogue. Patricia heads to Turkey.

They keep the guy hostage. Meanwhile, the girl walks around and Noah and Hannah work on finding her.

The team goes back to the apartment to find evidence but only find a diary that leads them to an "Esma". 

Flashbacks show the relationship between Alex and Patricia and how it developed from professional to personal.

Patricia has almost landed in Turkey. Meanwhile Alex is trying to mess with whoever is watching him from soldier to soldier. He got on Preach. Now he gets on Amir.

Adam and the rest of the team are searching for Esma to find the other girl but someone gets to them first and takes the other girl. Esma is left behind. They find out what happened.

Dalton tries to get information about Verena and where she might be. 

Flashback to the agency telling Patricia to get execute Alex.

Patricia faces Alex in Turkey.




The Brave
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