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A group of rebels are holding hostages on a plane in Columbia.

Campbell is suspended and Noah is in charge when the group gets a call about the hijacking. 

Jaz wants to go on the mission but Dalton doesn't think she's ready to go out yet. She stays behind while the guys go out. Hannah arrives at the hangar. They are all flirty with her except for Preach. Hannah meets with the other people on the ground.

Dalton and the guys are going to breach when they learn there is a bomb on the plane.

A psychiatrist visits Jaz and gives her the okay to get back to work but he still wants to talk to her about what happened. She's not being very cooperative.

Patricia arrives at DIA to "advise" Noah and help them get through the mission. Hannah realizes that Diaz is planning to blow up the plane once money is wired to the account. Hannah guesses the woman's intentions are to die with the plane and become a national hero.

Jaz plays video games with the psychiatrist instead of talking about anything.

Hannah finds a loophole with Diaz's boyfriend and uses it to their advantage.

Dalton is trying to diffuse the bomb while Hannah works on Diaz.

Diaz gets a call on her satellite phone and learns Dalton is in the cargo hold. She sends men to kill him.

The psychiatrist makes a breakthrough with Jaz when she tells him what haunts her. She's terrified of losing them.

Dalton alerts command that someone is down in the hold with him. Dalton takes him out. Turns out that the person giving Diaz information is the head of the Columbia command.

Lalo learns a bomb is on board. Dalton disarms the bomb before Diaz blows it. The team breaches. Diaz kills Lalo. Dalton kills Diaz. The passengers are saved. Hannah knew it was the one guy all along and has him arrested.

The guys arrive back home. Jaz and Dalton are alone to talk. He shares stories with her.








The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

For the record. This blows.


Unfortunately, this is not a social call. We have a problem.