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A woman goes into a covert CIA post. Everybody is dead. She gets into a shootout and ends up getting shot before taking the other guy down. 

The team is at base camp in Turkey resting when they get a call from headquarters from Campbell. She gives him the lowdown and he shares it with the team. They need to rescue Cassie Conner.

The team gets to Conner and extract her. Then they "clean" the scene but the rebels arrive and shoot down the helicopter.  Campbell wants to know why the Russians want Conner and calls the head of the CIA. The team gears up to head to the crash site on foot. Rebels arrive at the crash site and take Conner before the team can get there.

Conner escapes from her captors but gets stabbed in the process.

The team gets the pilots to safety then blow up the helicopter.

Noah tells Hannah why he didn't say with the CIA. Campbell is holding a meeting to talk about Conner and the guy hunting her, Zbarov.

Dalton talks to a shopkeeper to find out information where Cassie might be. He gets what he needs.

Campbell meets with the director of the CIA and he gives her the details. Campbell relays what she can to Dalton.The team sets a trap for the rebels, but they still have no idea where Conner is.

Cassie seems to be doing okay taking out some electricity grids. She's still injured though.

Jaz and Amir are at each other's throats. Campbell figures out where Cassie is and relays the info to Dalton.

Jaz is on her way to the bathhouse where Cassie might be and is called out by a Russian soldier. When she turns around she seems to recognize him but they're just flirting with her. She gets into the bath house and finds Cassie. They escape and the team gets them. The Russians are one step behind. The helicopter can't land because there are too many rebels around so Dalton has to come up with another plan.

The team executes the new plan which is to trick Zbarov and his soldiers. There's a moment when Preach and Dalton don't arrive at the copter but they show up. Everyone is safe. The team wins!






The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The thing about traps is that people who set them tend to get tunnel vision.


In reality, our job is always the next mission.