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Luca misses Marco. Thony comforts him.

Arman meets Robert and swears he can pay back the loan.

The cleaning ladies cheer Fiona and Thony up. Samantha faints from low blood sugar. Thony gets her a soda.

Alonzo gets mad they're taking a break and Fiona goes off on him.

Fiona freaks out they quit. Thony confronts Vinny over Samantha's insulin. She learns he doesn't have Luca's meds since his supply person got busted.

Arman and Nadia can't find the money. She's starting to panic.

Luca has a high fever. He needs meds now.

Thony asks for Arman's help getting Luca's meds. Once she hears he needs money, she suggests contacting Bosco and selling meds together.

The motel clerk blackmails Fiona into keeping the video footage a secret. He wants 10 K.

Arman can't sell any more guns. All the buyers know the FBI is watching.

Nadia isn't happy about working with Thony, but they are out of options.

Thony agrees to work with Nadia and Arman. Arman and Thony meet Bosco.

Thony is excited. There are meds for Luca, insulin, and other meds to sell. Thony and Fiona sell to people and check vitals.

Arman and Nadia are nearly 60 K short.

Garrett blackmails Thony to help him check on Mia.

Robert holds Nadia as collateral until Arman returns.

Arman doesn't want to kill an old guy. His son sees Arman and they fight, and he pays his dad's debt.

The motel clerk catches Fiona snooping. He wants more money. When Fiona threatens him, he tries to rape her. She hits him with a vase.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Fiona: I quit!
Alonzo: Again? How many times does this make this month? See you tomorrow.
Thony: No, she’s not coming back, and neither am I. I quit too.
Fiona: We’re opening up our own cleaning business.
Alonzo: What makes you think you can do that?
Fiona: Because we’re badass bitches who deserve better than putting up with a jerk like you!

Luca: Is he going to be gone forever?
Thony: I’m sorry, my love.