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Maya tells Garrett there is a new player in town.

Thony and Fiona bring Jon to a room in a cleaning cart.

Thony and Fiona start blaming each other for why Jon is now in a bathtub.

Nadia wants Bosco to bring them street drugs. Arman refuses and he doesn't want Nadia asking Robert for favors.

Thony has tied Jon. When starts threatening them, she sedates him.

Nadia and Arman agree to work for Robert.

Chris gets in trouble for breaking the mirror at school during his panic attack.

Chris tells his mom that he can't stand to look at himself. He's falling apart.

Garrett keeps texting Thoney not realizing she's having a bad day.

Arman approaches a jockey that owes Robert money and a chase begins. Thony calls Arman.

Fiona is upset that Thony called Arman.

Arman arrives and reassures Fiona he'll take care of things.

Robert continually flirts with Nadia, reminding him he's not her boss.

Arman tries to convince the ladies to let him handle it. Jon isn't afraid of Arman.

Thony taunts him, saying she'll use all of his organs for people who need them.

Jon agrees to give them the password. Thony deletes the videos, but Fiona finds a bag with extra copies in it. Arman says they need to get rid of him.

Nadia works her magic at the casino and pleases Robert.

Thony gives Garrett the phone drive.

The nanny goes into labor and has a boy.

Arman took Jon to the desert and shot him.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nadia: We don’t need Thony!
Arman: Thony is the one who knows what sells in the medical field.
Nadia: Selling her meds wasn’t enough and never will be. I need to talk to Robert and ask him to cut our interest or we’ll drown in debt.
Arman: No you’re not going to ask him for another damm thing. I don’t want you close to that guy.

Thony: I’m going to tie him up with anything with a cord.
Fiona: Seriously, could this be any worse?
Thony: We can’t have him attack one of us again or walk out and go to the police.