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Thony visits Arman in prison. She's horrified by his attack and angry that Garrett followed her there.

Thony and Fiona pick up the in-laws from the airport. They barely speak to Thony but are excited to see the kids.

A detective stops by the house to get more info. After her questions set off the in-laws, she agrees to talk later.

Nadia approached her ex, Robert, for money. She lost the first bet, but he agreed to talk to her anyway.

A few prisoners were impressed with Arman and offered to protect him.

Thony's father-in-law questions her parenting skills and why she would call the police on her husband. He thinks this was her fault.

Thony's father-in-law felt Marco had a good reason to take Luca. Fiona brought up Marco's gambling.

Chris couldn't handle the family fighting and ran off. Fiona reassured him she would protect him.

Luca is fussy on the day of the funeral and misses his dad.

Thony met with Robert to get the money on the way to the funeral.

Nadia led the Feds on a decoy mission, while Thony bought flowers and hid the money in there.

Hayak tries to stab Arman. Arman injects Hayak with something.

Fiona and her mom make peace.

Thony refuses to let Luca go back with the in-laws.

Arman is released from prison and reunites with Nadia

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

If this is about my son. I want to speak to her! I want to know what the police are doing to find the person who killed my son.


Garrett: I know you had nothing to do with your husband's death but the first suspect is always the spouse, especially those with friends with reach, even in prison.
Thony: I don't know what you think he's been doing, but Arman was almost beaten to death. You let that happen!