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Dale escapes from prison and makes his way to Tommy's, but he's been murdered.

His lawyer turns to Robin for assistance when he is put in the frame for another murder.

Robin tracks him down and tells him to watch what he's doing. Dale gives Preacher's name, but Preacher said he did do the robbery that night, but not the murder.

Robin turns to Dante after learning about the supposed pill mill that was going on behind closed doors.

All signs started to point to the judge being in the wrong, but everyone was worried to go after her.

The D.A. told Dante he would have to expose his source if she was sticking her neck on the line for him.

Dale was arrested after his son turned him into the cops, and his lawyer revealed it was game over for him.

Robin, however, continued to search for answers.

They managed to take down the judge then the middle man was brought in for questioning.

The judge admitted to everything but blamed Geraghty for all of it.

Dante told Robin he would have to go after her sooner or later.

The Equalizer
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The Equalizer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Robin: I'll bring the M&Ms: Merlot and myself.

Melody: So Geraghty and Cooley knew each other. He's friends with her son.
Harry: Yeah, they both graduated ... to murder.