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A man is found to have committed suicide but his best friend notices some glaring issues in the supposed narrative.

Robin investigates and finds a footprint in his apartment that is linked to a pair of shoes that cost over $2000.

She finds the person responsible but quickly realizes the case is much bigger than she could have ever anticipated.

A corrupt government official named Harrington apparently got Malcolm killed to force people out of the apartments.

Robyn managed to get through to him by going to his son.

Dante also took part, crossing the line for the first time and getting closer to Robyn in the process.

In the end, they bring William into the mission, but there's a massive power struggle.

Dante agrees to let Robyn do her thing so long as she doesn't hurt anyone.

Delilah goes to war with the city over a pothole that almost hurt her and her mother.

In the end, the city refuses to do anything and Vi steps in with a solution:

Fill in the potholes themselves because no one else will help with it.

The Equalizer
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The Equalizer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Harrington: It doesn't matter what I said. You can't link me to anything. You've got nothing.
Dante: Don't be so sure.

Harry: Did you know an octopus has arms. Not tentacles?
Melody: OK.