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Barry is frustrated when his powers fail him when he tries to stop a robbery in progress but passes out before he can capture the robbers.

Barry saves people from a burning building. Very cool special effects. Caitlin is angry at what he'd doing. He's also getting dizzy.

Barry's day job calls. He sees things differently. He's adorable, even when he's annoying the living hell out of Joe.

A flashback reveals that Barry's transition to living with the Wests wasn't easy.

Barry is taking Iris to another event, but when they get there he saves a security guard from flying bullets but can't stop the thieves at the same time. He passes out and Iris finds him.

Joe suggests Barry stop the heroics unless he's bulletproof. Barry assures him he's not. Joe then suggests Barry be a bit better with the lies because Iris isn't stupid and will figure things out. yet he hasn't been able to figure out about Iris and Eddie.

The STAR Labs team determines why he's been passing out. Running on a treadmill looks ultra cool, especially with all the little lightning bolts coming of his body as he runs.

Joe notices things in Barry's place reminding him that Barry used to go to see his father quite often. He then realizes where Barry is and heads to STAR Labs.

Joe is worried about Barry and calls him his kid. Barry reminds him he's not his kid and his father in sitting, wrongfully accused, in Iron Heights. If Barry can do anything to save others like his dad wasn't saved, then he will do it.

A metahuman named Danton Black can split off into a bunch of himselves... which is why Barry noticed all the shoes at the crime sight were the same size. He's "Multiplex!"

Barry just wants to tell Iris what's going on with him, but the person he cares for the most outside of his father is off limits thanks to Joe.

An armed gunman is shooting up STAG Industries, so The Flash heads over and tries to deal with Multiplex but it's not an easy task!

Barry starts to believe Joe was right and he's in over his head. He leaves his STAR Labs pals. Helping them was a mistake.

Little Barry ran to see his dad in Iron Heights and he hates Joe because he won't let him go see Henry. Then Henry shows his wrists -- HE doesn't want his son to see him in Iron Heights.

Joe and Harrison have a chat. Joe wonders if Harrison knew. Harrison tells Joe that Joe's doubt about Barry's abilities are what will continue to block Barry from being his best. He won't stop suiting up, but he will continue to fail until Joe shows faith in him.

Iris wants to write her article on the red streak. She wonders what if Barry was right all along in his beliefs of the impossible?

Caitlin calls Barry -- the Metroplex is at STAR Labs. Except it's just a clone that Caitlin grew from blood on Barry's suit. If you shut down the real Black, then they'll shut them all down.

Joe goes to Barry. The only way to stop Black is as The Flash. Barry's father figures have his back.

Simon Stagg is a bad man. It's kind of sad that bad guys are confused over good and evil. Barry goes all Matrix as bullets start flying.

Barry is overtaken by dozens of Blacks. His team tells him nothing is impossible. He can find the Prime and isolate and stop him.

Black runs for the window, but Barry tries to save him. He plummets to the ground to his death.

Barry realizes they were all struck by lightning and it takes the entire team to save people.

Harrison goes to see Stagg. He stands up before him and kills him. Stagg wanted to take the power in Barry and use it to change humanity, but Harrison must keep Barry safe.


The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Joe: Until a few weeks ago I thought the fastest guy could run a mile in four minutes, not four seconds.
Barry: Bet I could do it in three. Not relevant.

Joe: Your ability to multitask is truly remarkable. The way you can embarrass me, the captain and yourself all at the same time...
Barry: Joe, I'm sorry.
Joe: I'm beginning to think Joe I'm Sorry is my actual name considering how often you say it to me.