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Barry begins living the same day over again. 

Cisco is talking about his brother and Caitlin offers to go with him.

Harrison realizes Barry ruptured the time continuum. He doesn't want to know about the future he experienced. He orders Barry to do everything he did before and not to change a thing. He then consults with Gideon to ensure time remains the same.

Meanwhile, Barry doesn't like the idea that he must keep time in tact, remembering what happens at the precinct and to Joe. He gets Mardon directly, before he can do anything to mess with the city. Harrison is not pleased at all.

Captain Cold and Heat Wave are back and beating people down with one liners.

Cisco and Caitlin arrive at Dante's birthday party. He's busy impressing Caitlin. The brothers are not friendly.

Linda tells Barry his heart should ache for her. When he says it doesn't, she encourages him to go get Iris. This is just as Mason is telling her the Simon Stagg story.

A girl comes over to see Cisco just as Barry is telling him about breaking up with Linda and moving on with someone else. It's Lisa Snart. Blonde. She lies about who she is. As you do.

She takes him "home" and Cold wants Cisco to build them guns and such. His leverage is a kidnapped Dante.

Barry goes to Iris and lays it on the line. He thinks they should just be together. She assures him things haven't changed for her and she loves Eddie. Awkward!

Joe calls Barry, with Capt. Cold and the Satinis, they're looking at the beginning of a mob war.

Barry jumps in and holds her own gun at her neck. Snart threatens Cisco again so Barry will release Lisa.

Barry doesn't understand why Iris isn't admitting her feelings. Harrison thinks the events she witnessed in the day Barry stopped rattled loose feelings she probably didn't realize she had and by changing events, she is still unaware of them.

Barry wants to go back in time to save his mom, but Harrison wonders how many other people may die as a result of his mother living.

Dante admits to messing with Cisco's love life back in the day because he was jealous of him. Then he attempts to beat Heat Wave over the head. Cold wants answers. Who is The Flash? As Cisco cries in front of him, he lies. Cold freezes Dante's hands.

Cisco arrives crying at STAR Labs. He apologizes for telling Snart who The Flash was and then proceeds to quit so he doesn't put Barry into jeopardy again.

Iris tells Joe she loves Eddie. He thinks she needs make sure they know that.

As Cisco is packing to leave, Harrison wants to make sure he knows he's human and loved and like a son to him.

Barry flashes after the Rogues and whooshes Cold away. They need to talk. Barry decides an ultimatum is in order. No more death and nobody goes near Barry's friends or family or Barry's putting them away. Barry calls them the Rogues Gallery, Leonard asks for a ride back to town and then laughs over the name rogues.

Caitlin has shared with Iris and Eddie the lightning psychosis he suffers from. Sudden outbursts of affection and other oddities.

As Mason Bridges is writing about Harrison Wells, he's visited by Reverse Flash and beaten around. He says everything he knows about him is in the drive and to take it. Harrison plucks out Mason's heart, says he was onto the story of the century and offs with his body.

Barry almost asks about Simon Stagg, but then sees a missing man alert for Mason Bridges. He decides to talk to Joe. He thinks he was right about Harrison. 

The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Tell the rest of the Santini family that there's a new godfather, and his name is Cold.

Captain Cold

Harrison: No! Do not tell me. I do not want to know anything about the future you experienced. Nothing.
Barry: Dr. Wells...
Harrison: Barry, time is an extremely fragile construct. Any deviation, no matter how small, could result in a cataclysm.