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Barry is losing against Dr. Light 72 hours before our next scene.

She was going to kill Linda so Zoom thought she was dead and leave her alone. She's supposed to throw something of his through the breech to confirm the kill and Zoom will bring her home. Except, she really doesn't need that, cause they can just send her home.

Joe gives Harry some rope to hang himself by way of approving of his plan to entice Zoom over.

Meanwhile, Harry is flashing back to being in STAR Labs. His daughter, Jess, is asking whether he really created the metahumans. Was what Jay Garrick said at a press conference true? They argue back and forth, and neither really get what they believe is a satisfactory ending.

At the precinct, Patty is shut down regarding Dr. Light by Joe. Barry shows up and they talk about the kiss. 

At CCPN, Linda wants Iris to intervene with the Flash so she can help. She can't sit there knowing what's happening. Iris assures her everything is under control. Unfortunately, Light tricks Cisco into allowing her out of her cage at STAR Labs.

Cisco touches Harry in an attempt to vibe him, and Harry goes nuts. Don't touch me! Caitlin knows something must have happened between between Zoom and Harry to make this personal.

Harry flashes back again. He's listening to the TV. The Arrow of Starling City has been unmasked. Robert Queen...his son Oliver was killed in a tragic accident. At that time, there is a break in to the news, Zoom has attacked a local college. Zoom took a hostage. Jesse's cell phone is shown on the air as Harry's trying to call her.

At the precinct, Patty tells Joe she and Barry kissed. Joe assures her he could care less. So she wonders what he's holding back in this transparent situation. Nothing.

At home, Linda Park is cooking up a storm. Barry wonders if they're having a dinner party. Nope. It's therapeutic. Barry wonders if they should put Linda into Light's suit. Iris thinks it's a good idea. They go to STAR Labs and The Flash asks her for her help.

Linda wears Light gloves and zaps stuff.

Joe wonders if Barry is pushing things because he didn't get the Reverse Flash and he's trying to make up for it. Barry assures him nope.

The Flash visits Linda and reveals his true self.

Cisco tries touching Harry again in the worst way possible. He vibes on Jesse in the cage with Zoom in front of her asking why Harry went to the other earth.

We're back to the beginning. It's obviously not Dr. Light, because she sounds ridiculous. Linda tosses the emblem into the blob of miscolored air and everyone waits for Zoom. After an hour, everyone realizes Zoom isn't coming.

Barry admits to Joe he is thinking of more than Zoom. He's been thinking of our Harrison Wells and how he said Barry would never be happy. Better or worse, Wells knew Barry.

Barry goes to the station and kisses Patty.

Iris and Linda bond at the office, and then Zoom scoops up Linda. He likes to fish with bait.

Barry attempts to throw lightning at Zoom, who catches it and throws it back at him.

Zoom then carts Barry (dead Barry?) on a trip through Central City and back to STAR Labs. He's alive. Cisco shot Zoom with something, but he escapes and Barry eventually wakes.

Barry cannot feel his legs.

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