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Harry and Zoom are running through STAR Labs and when Zoom catches Harry, Harry says just kill him. But Jesse is innocent. Zoom says Merry Christmas.

Iris and Joe are Christmas shopping. Joe has a story about his father and the watch he received from him, which barely works. Iris has suggested giving Barry one similarly. Joe's reaction made Iris think about her brother. 

Iris goes to Barry. They begin chatting -- about Barry, as usual -- but Iris breaks. She needs to tell someone about Wally. Iris admits how much she reeled from not knowing about him as The Flash, but she kind of did the same thing when Francine told her about Wally. She sent Francine away, and now she doesn't how he will take it now. Barry says they can do it together. It begins to snow.

Jay and Caitlin are getting closer and Cisco wants them to just kiss already. They're awkward and cute. Cisco wants to go find Harry. In he comes. Is everything OK? Doesn't look it.

At Iron Heights the snow is coming down like crazy. Weather Wizard is breaking out Captain Cold...and Trickster.

Joe and Barry are on the scene, and Joe is a little worried about Patty considering what happened with her dad. Patty says Barry really doesn't know what's going on in this city, he doesn't even know that Harrison Wells...aw, heck, she doesn't have time to bring him up to speed. Barry mutters under his breath "that's ironic."

The trickster calls Mardon Marky Mark. Ha. Captain Cold suggests to Mardon that it's a mistake to underestimate The Flash despite what Zoom did to him, but Mardon is a cocky one. 

Barry suggests Cisco create the same wand that he created when he sucked all the electricity out of the air toi pinpoint Mardon before the tidal wave that destroyed Central City. Harry is concerned about messing with the timeline. So was Harrison Wells. Nobody knows it was messed with again. Jay's gonna help.

Barry and Iris confront Joe. Maybe hesitating after saying "when she left us she was pregnant" was a little too dramatic. Iris discovers they were going to call her Wallace if she was a boy. Joe's only reaction is "and I thought Francine was running out of surprises," and he needs to sit with it. 

They get back to the house and Snart is there, drinking out of a reindeer mug. Cheeky.

Snart is at the house to give Barry a heads up about Trickster and Mardon, but he won't go the extra mile to help Barry stop them. At least not yet.

Meanwhile, Joe has always had a sixth sense about Iris' safety, so why didn't he have it about his son? He wanted Francine out of their lives to make it better, but Wally paid the price. Barry assures Joe he would have been there if he had known he was alive.

At the precinct, Patty is in a snit as Trickster takes over the TV networks. Trickster is kind of all talk. 

Patty goes into the situation on her own after figuring out where Trickster is before the Flash Team. Not bad. He tells Patty to hold him and she says she's seeing someone. So is he. The Flash saves Patty, and she explains what happened to her dad. Barry knows exactly what she's going through, especially that she likely won't feel any better even if she gets a chance to carry out her vengeance.

Trickster is playing Santa and giving away a naughty present.

Zoom comes back, asking Harry if he decided. Harry says he needs more time. Don't we all, Zoom says. Maybe he should go up there and tell Harry's new friends, Zoom says. Just a little more time, Harry says. Zoom says he'll tell his daughter hello.

Cisco and Jay's tool finds Mardon, who can suddenly fly. Barry wonders he really thought Mardon would really let him hurt these people. Mardon says he either lets him kill him up publicly or else all the bombs they sent home with little kids will be set off. 

Harry says they only need to find one bomb and they can somehow send them through a breech. Harry takes a drone that flies. Cisco is not getting it back. I am so lost. Magnetism. Opposites of some for pulling thing. Huh?

They do it and suddenly all the little bombs are going up into the sky. Barry gets a whisper into his ear and he makes fast work of the baddies. 

Patty arrives, putting a leg lock onto Barry so she can kill Mardon.She's kind of a pain in the ass. Barry tries to plead with her through the Flash mask. It works, even bringing Trickster to tears.

Joe met with Francine and forgave her. Now there's room for another West. He still doesn't know, though. Joe taks off his watch and hands it to Barry. He always said that one day he would give it to his son, and now he has. 

Barry has to talk to Harrison, so he speaks to Harry through the glass. He doesn't want to hate him anymore. He can't. He forgives him. He invites Harry over for Christmas, but he can't celebrate without his daughter.

Caitlin keeps falling for Jay's "what's mistletoe" shtick. 

Wally shows up at the house, feeling awkward because it's Christmas. He's invited in.

Harry tells Zoom he finally gets it. He wants Barry to get faster, like the fatted calf. Exactly, and Zoom wants Harry to help him. Or else. He brings Jesse over and makes Harry choose. Harry will help Zoom steal The Flash's speed.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Jay: Barry's not the only person here I want to keep safe.
Cisco: Oh dear Lord. Just kiss already! Oh, the thirst is real.

Iris: I know I was so mad and you and my dad for not telling me that you were The Flash, but when I found out about this, I didn't know what to do.
Barry: What? What's going on?
Iris: When Francine came back, my dad told me not to trust her, and he was right. I didn't know how much. When my mother left us, she was pregnant. She had a son. Joe's son, my brother.
Barry: What's his name?
Iris: Wally. Wally West.