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Barry's dreaming about watching Savitar kill Iris. She asks if he wants to talk about it when he wakes up screaming. He's more interested in sexy cuddling time.

The Flash races off to a fire. Kid Flash is there, too. Barry walks Wally through the scientific method of putting out the fire. Everyone's safe.

Caitlin's cuffs are on the fritz. Cisco agrees to fix them as an excited HR comes into the lab on a scooter. He wants to give them the tour of the new Star Labs before its opening.

At the station, Wally overhears a cop mocking Kid Flash. Joe tells him not to worry about it.

HR introduces Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco to Olga, a new employee, and he shows them the hologram he made of Cisco to greet people. Cisco is not impressed with HR's version of him. He and Caitlin make excuses to leave.

Caitlin goes to visit Julian. He wonders if she's there to kidnap him again. She asks him to help her get rid of her powers before she hurts someone else the way she hurt him. He refuses. Her bracelets malfunction and she runs away.

Barry surprises Iris by decorating the apartment. She wants to know more about the nightmares. He's saved by a robbery in progress.

When Flash sees Plunder, it triggers a memory of the alternate timeline. Team Flash gathers and Barry doesn't tell them the whole truth. Wally is not amused when Barry refuses to let him help. 

Julian asks Caitlin to come back to his lab to apologize. He doesn't like thinking about what Alchemy did. Caitlin tells him survivor's guilt is normal. Caitlin suggests he join Team Flash. He says he'll think about it.

Barry questions HR if he's ever written about time travel. They debate whether or not the future can be changed. HR says there are two schools of thought. He believes the future is fixed.

The Flash faces off against Plunder. His high-powered gun proves troublesome. When Barry does get the upper hand, he hesitates. Kid Flash swoops in and stops him. A photographer catches the whole thing. 

Team Flash congratulates Wally. But Barry freaks out and starts yelling and says their deal is over if he can't follow orders. HR interrupts and orders them to get ready for the party. Except no one showed up. 

Julian arrives and accepts the invitation to join the team. Caitlin tries to convince her friends to see things her way. She reminds them why they shouldn't be alone. Barry promises to think about it, and then brings Iris to the time vault. He shows her the article with the new byline. 

Barry tells Iris what he saw in the future. She realizes that's why he keeps having nightmares. He tells her Plunder was already in jail in the future so maybe he can prevent her death by changing the timeline. Iris starts to cry. Barry swears on his parents' lives that he will protect her. 

Barry and Iris tell the group the truth, but decide they're not going to tell Joe. HR uses dominoes to show them how difficult it is to change the future. HR tells him to be careful about which events he alters. Cisco has a plan to vibe Barry back to the future. First, he gives HR a much needed pep talk.

Cisco takes Barry to May 23, 2017. They're at the spot where he came out of the speed force at Christmas. They monitor the headlines. They include Killer Frost, the closing of the Star Labs Museum, and the city recovering from a gorilla attack. HR is there in this version so the future's already changed. 

Team Flash realizes they need to change the future to save Iris and Caitlin. Wally arrives to let them know Joe's back with news of Plunder's escape. Barry apologizes to Wally and asks him to suit up.

Barry asks Wally to take down Plunder in an attempt to change the headlines. He reminds him Iris needs a hero. Kid Flash gets it done and a group of citizens gather to cheer for him. 

Cisco arranges elementary school field trips to bring people to the lab. HR is touched. 

Everyone heads to Barry and Iris' for a house warming party. Julian arrives and Barry welcomes him to the team. Cisco and Julian give Caitlin a necklace to help keep her power in check. HR leads a toast to Barry and Iris. 

A mystery woman arrives in Central City to search for HR.

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm sorry...did you make a hologram of me?


Wally: Man, that was so dope. How do you stay so calm? You're like scary calm in the middle of a fire.
Barry: It's just experience, Wally. That's why it's important for you to shadow me for a while and try to learn everything I know.
Wally: And then I get to kick some ass.