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H.R.'s voiceover opens the show as he dictates his novel. In the scene, The Flash is stopping gunrunners with the aid of H.R. Real life Team Flash needs him to pay attention to the actual crime. Kid Flash joins Barry and they save a busload of cheerleaders.

Back at the lab, H.R. congratulates them while Julian points out they could have been more efficient. Iris pulls Barry aside to talk about the Electric Gang. She's heard there's a new arms dealer in town. Barry's worried, but she reminds him she's a journalist. When she leaves, Barry asks Cisco if he found a way to change the future.

He didn't, but he and Caitlin did map it. As they show Barry their project, Julian tells him he won't be fast enough to save Iris. Barry remains determined to find a way.

The mystery woman searches Jitters for H.R. Two cops try to stop her, but she escapes through a portal. Barry and Joe investigate the next morning and assumes it's a new meta. Joe wants Barry to ask Iris to back off the arms dealer story. Joe notices something's up with Iris. Barry pretends everything is fine.

H.R. identifies the woman as Gypsy when she shows up at the lab. She uses her portal to enter and shoots him. Cisco is taken with her and she's impressed to learn he can vibe, too. She found H.R. because he's been beaming his story back to Earth-19 as he writes it. He broke the law when he traveled between Earths. She tells him to get his affairs in order.

The punishment for inter dimensional travel is death. Caitlin wants to know why he'd risk his life to come there. He doesn't answer. Barry points out that he was in his latest vision of the future. Julian suggests maybe letting H.R. go back to his Earth could save Iris. 

Barry and Iris talk about H.R. He tries again to get her to drop the arms dealer thing. She wonders if Joe put him up to it. After his plea, Iris agrees to drop it. She goes to see Wally and talks to him about the story. He's worried, too. But Iris convinces him they should work together and be the brother/sister crime team.

H.R. tells Cisco he came to this Earth because he felt like a fraud and wanted to rewrite his life. Barry and Cisco ask if there's anything he can do. He says his only option is applying for trial by combat. Gypsy arrives to take him. Cisco challenges her to trial by combat. Winner gets H.R. Barry tries to take his place, but Gypsy says no. Warns Cisco trial by combat is fought to the death. 

After Barry and Caitlin attempt a pep talk, Cisco starts to panic over his choices. H.R. wants to know why he volunteered. Cisco says he's always depended on Harrison Wells in the past. Now he wants to be there for Harrison Wells.

Iris and Wally head to the police station. Iris wants Kid Flash to steal information from Joe's files. Iris tells him she wants her life to mean something in case she does die. Iris distracts Joe by making him think she wants to have a baby. Then she asks if Barry's a dog or cat person once Wally has the files.

Cisco's training isn't going well. H.R. pulls Barry aside and suggests they go after Gypsy on their own. She easily defeats the Flash. Barry convinces her to still fight Cisco. She agrees, but holds onto H.R. as insurance until the battle. Cisco is not happy when he learns they went behind his back. In order to comfort him, Barry admits he's afraid of failing. He promises he'll be there for Cisco. Julian discovers the vulnerable spot in Gypsy's balance.

Iris and Wally find the gunrunners' hideout. She sends Wally to do recon while she heads inside. She's fearless as she faces off against the criminal. Joe is furious at them for nearly ruining a sting operation. Wally tells them she almost got shot. Joe demands to know what's going on. Barry wants to talk to Iris alone. She's worried she'll end up like her mom: gone without leaving anything behind. 

Cisco and Gypsy battle while Barry, Caitlin, and Julian watch on the monitor. They start traveling to various Earths as they fight. Gypsy accuses Cisco of being afraid to show everyone how powerful he can be. He manages to get the upper hand. Gypsy concedes defeat, but Cisco won't take her life. 

Gypsy wants to tell her superiors she killed H.R. He agrees not to go back to Earth-19. Cisco and Gypsy flirt a little more before she leaves and almost share a kiss. Later, Cisco finds H.R. still working on his novel. The two bond as Cisco tells him more about the other versions of Wells.

Barry's reading Iris' article. As they talk about Kid Flash, an idea occurs to Barry. He promises Iris that the Flash is going to save her. At the end of the hour, he finds Wally in the speed lab, and tells Wally he's the one who's going to save Iris.

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Barry: I can't lose her, Cisco. Please tell me you found a way to change the future.
Cisco: We found a way to change the future.
Barry: Did you really?
Cisco: No.

Julian: Surely all your adventures are not this disorganized.
Cisco: [with a British accent] There's a method to the madness, mate. Watch and learn.