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Wally is still getting tested at STAR Labs. Iris wants to discourage Wally -- the rest of the gang disagrees. Cisco is still pissed at Barry. HR pitches his STAR Labs as a museum idea to the gang.Crickets.  A meteor descends on Central City and Barry rushes off to investigate. Turns out it's a spaceship, and lots of aliens spill out and invade the city.

Lila and Barry talk about the aliens. Lila calls them The Dominators. They have been around since the '50s. Lila tells the gang to stand down and let the DOD take care of the problem. Of course the Scooby gang won't!

Barry abducts Green Arrow and Dig, asking them to help with the alien problem. Ollie suggests that they bring in the Legends to help also. Cisco and Barry open a breach to bring Supergirl into the fight. The Dominators have a nasty looking device, and want to take the 'human leader' captive.

The assembled heroes choose Barry as the leader, but Ollie is really calling the shots. Supergirl trains the team for the fight. Ray tells Barry that Snart is dead. Wally shows up and wants in -- Iris tries to throw cold water on that -- AGAIN. 

Firestorm tells Barry about the secret recording that Barry sent them on the Waverider. Barry tells them about Flashpoint. 

Stein has more memory flashes, presumably fallout from Flashpoint.

Lila advises the President on how to deal with the Dominators. The Dominators attack and kidnap the president. 

Joe and Iris still try to dissuade Wally, but he's not feeling it. Wally asks HR to train him in secret. 

Stein and Cait have a heart to heart about her Killer Frost problem. Stein meets his previously non-existent daughter, who is another consequence of Flashpoint. 

Barry tells the Legends about his Flashpoint screwup. Dig is very angry about losing a daughter. The Legends lecture Barry on his grave mistake. Felicity tells the gang about the abduction of the Presidrnt, but only Supergirl and Ollie want Barry to come along for the rescue mission.

The gang enters the warehouse where the President is. The Dominators kill the President and zap the gang with the device. 

Barry and Ollie have a heated conversation about Barry's Flashpoint mess. 

The gang attacks Barry and Ollie at STAR Labs: the device apparently gave the Dominators control of the minds of Barry's crew. 

Wally volunteers to help Barry and Ollie, but gets injured by Supergirl. Barry leads Supergirl away from STAR Labs to save Ollie and Wally. Ollie fights Dig, Thea, and the rest of his Arrow crew. 

Barry finds the mind control orb and tricks Supergirl into destroying it, setting the gang free. All of a sudden, 5 members of the team are beamed up to an unknown location: Sara and Ollie included.

Barry is alone, looking skyward, unable to save Ollie.






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