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Wally tells Joe about his Kid Flash dreams. Joe warns him that he might be targeted by Alchemy for evil intent. Barry and Julian talk about a new human skin that was found, and Julian is not happy when he learns that Barry has been transferred to the Meta Human task force full time. 

H.R. Wells tries to talk the crew into turning STAR Labs into a museum, with him as the public face. Crickets...

Barry tells Wally about his Flashpoint history as Kid Flash, trying to discourage him. Wally isn't feeling it and storms out.

Random business guy gets his neck snapped by a shadowy meta who comes out of the ground. Shadow guy disappears back underground after the murder.

Joe comes to the crime scene and tells Barry that Wally is still MIA.

HR shows up at the lab wearing the face of someone else, and Cisco tries to figure out the Earth 19 tech that Wells used that made it happen. Wells sees the CCTV footage of the shadow monster and tells the crew that on his Earth the monster is called Shade. 

Joe finds Wally, and tries to talk him into going to STAR Labs to get tested, but Wally has a Flashpoint vision and passes out.

Cait admits to Cisco that her Killer Frost powers are manifesting, and asks him to 'Vibe" the future to see if she is evil. Cisco does just that, and finds out that she is indeed evil. Cisco lies and tells Cait that he saw nothing. 

Joe goes on a group movie date with his new love interest Cecile and the Scooby gang, where Cisco admits to Cait that she will tun evil.

Alchemy tempts Wally by telling him telepathically that he can give him back his speedster powers. 

Shade crashes the movie night and fights Flash. Cisco makes with the science and freezes Shade, enabling Barry to slap some energy dampening cuff on Shade, disabling him. 

Cisco outs Cait in front of the crew, and a big fight ensues. Barry and Cait have a heart to heart, smoothing things over. 

Wally has more intense seizures, while the crew weighs whether or not to use him as bait to flush out Alchemy.

Joe decides to go all SWAT Team to protect Wally. Joe, Barry and the SWAT Team lead Wally down to Alchemy's lair, where Wally and Alchemy have a face to face.

Alchemy offers to restore Wally's powers, but before that happens Barry and the team fight Alchemy and his crew. Alchemy zaps Barry over and over with the Philosopher's Stone, but Joe  saves Barry by shooting Alchemy, knocking the stone out of his hand. In the chaos Wally grabs the stone, and turns into the evil Savitar. 




The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

There is no Flash without Iris West.


Do you think everyone on Earth 19 is missing crayons in the box, or just him?