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Cisco doesn't think much of HR yet, not even the way he says things.

When Cait goes to see her mother, she tries to slough her off. She works in cryogenics. To get her point across, Cait slams her hand down on her mom's desk.

Julian annoys Barry and Joe thinks it's funny, but to Barry, he's only known this dude for two weeks.

Downtown Central City big meta alert. Like a giant video game monster the size of old Godzilla.

Iris happens to be on the scene trying to help people out of a smashed bus...then Barry arrives. WTF?

Barry wants to work closer to Julian.

Dr. Carla Tannhauser and Nigel realize Caitlin has sucked in a lot of energy and if they can figure that out, it will be everything to their research.

HR talks a lot like a crazy person, but it seems to be all an act. On his earth, Gladiator was called Sweaty Men. That didn't out so well.

Caitlin's mom never looked at her again after her dad died. 

Barry and Julian work out together the monster seemed to be walking in a specific pattern; one in which he was in site from a controller of some sort. Suddenly the monster shows up.

Julian carries a gun and used to be in the military.

Nigel decides he's going to trap and test Caitlin. Because he's an idiot.

Julian is angry he wasn't chosen to have powers to change the world. More evidence he's Dr. Alchemy.

Cisco goes through HR's stuff. HR is writing a novel. He wants to make friends with San Francisco to enhance the narrative.

Turns out, HR can't even triangulate.

The monster was a hologram. Julian had the kid in his sites. He fires. But The Flash gets there in time to catch the bullet.

HR isn't a scientist. He's a muse.

Julian tells Barry about his family and how he never fit in. He was just at the top of his field and then the world changed. He has no idea how to stop metahumans. He doesn't know what they do or how they act. 

But he was wrong about The Flash so he might be wrong about Barry. He asks him to stay and Barry asks them to go our for a drink.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Murder on the Titanic! Who did it? Who cares? We're drowning!


Joe: So you're saying before two weeks ago you weren't Julian's enemy?
Barry: I'm saying before two weeks ago, Julian didn't even exist!
Joe: Because of your flashpoint.
Barry: I *know* it's because of flashpoint...