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At the West house, Cecile begins to hear Joe's thoughts through a newly discovered power: mind-reading. When examined at Star Labs, Caitlin runs tests on Cecile's baby who is not a metahuman and it turns out it's a girl.

The team struggles with trying to figure out new ways of getting Barry's name cleared. At the prison, Barry is playing cards with some of the inmates, including Big Sir and the former mayor.

But the former mayor pisses Big Sir off by bringing up the crime he committed. Big Sir storms off with Barry following him and asking what really happened. Big Sir hands him an old newspaper article about the night he was arrested.

But he was framed as the real shooter got away. Elsewhere, the new mayor is hosting an event to celebrate the latest accomplishment of Kord Industries. But suddenly, the building shrinks thanks to a mysterious metahuman.

Cisco and Cecile head to the crime scene to investigate what happened to the building. Cecile takes the opportunity to listen to the thoughts of all the people around. Barry makes a call from jail to Joe to tell him about Big Sir's innocence.

The team begins to look into his case to see if they can prove that Big Sir is indeed innocent. Barry tells Big Sir the good news about what his team is trying to do, but Big Sir is reluctant to get excited about it.

Joe, Cisco, and Ralph go to speak with the suspected meta, Sylbert Rundin. When he is busted, he tries to escape and manages to shrink both Ralph and Cisco while at it. Joe takes them to Star Labs to figure out how to size them back to normal.

Cecile and Joe go to Dr. Finkle, the same therapist who helped Barry and Iris. They begin to argue before Joe shares his thoughts on why he is trying to mentally block her out.

At the prison, Barry tells Big Sir the good news about Sylbert being found. While still reluctant, Barry promises him that they will catch Sylbert.

At Star Labs, Harry uses one of Cisco's devices to try and make them big again. But instead, he made it worse as their cells are beginning to explode.

Barry asks Big Sir if he has any dreams or plans for what to do when he gets out. Big Sir admits that he doesn't know where to head as he is alone in the world.

The warden pulls Barry to the side as he finds Big Sir and Barry's new friendship a little wonky. At the West house, Cecile and Iris have a chat about Cecile's relationship with Joe.

Through some bantering, Cisco and Harry figure out how to get them back to normal size. Elsewhere, Sylbert has chosen his next target to shrink at a museum.

The team heads down to stop him before their remaining cells explode within 20 minutes. Harry distracts Sylbert and gets the boys back to normal size.

They make sure to get a confession out of him, but Sylbert refuses to collaborate. The next morning, Barry gets the call from Joe about Sylbert as Big Sir is informed that he refused to confess.

But Big Sir is understanding and appreciates Barry's help. Joe convinces Barry to get Big Sir out of prison through speed. Barry runs Big Sir out of Iron Heights and gets him as far away from the city as possible.

Joe and Cecile have a big talk at the house as they decide to be 100% open with each other. At Star Labs, the team begins to try and piece together the 12 metahumans that DeVoe had them create.

Barry gets confronted by the warden who tells him that he knows that Barry is The Flash. He had a security camera installed right by Barry's cell as Barry is knocked out. 

He is taken to a private cell as the warden calls Amunet Black who is ready to buy Barry.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Joe: Cecile, are you sure we even need a crib? I used to plop Iris on some cushions and call it a night.
Cecile: Well, I'm glad to hear you got all of your parenting mistakes out of the way with your first kid.

Cecile: Why are you still thinking about Bulbasaurs?!
Cisco: He is the cutest one of them all!