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Wolfe is showing off the metahumans to Amunet Black, including Barry Allen. Filled with excitement, Amunet demands to buy them all.

The next morning Cecile joins Iris in meeting Barry, but he isn't present. Wolfe shows up to lie to them, but Cecile reads his mind as she knows he is lying.

The team finds out what is going on and Ralph shows up to tell them about the friend that paid him a visit. But while he is doing it, he begins to shape into that friend, revealing he has a new ability.

Ralph can shape-shift into anyone and Iris suggests he shapes into Wolfe to stop the meta-selling. While the metas over at Iron Heights are trying to figure out a way to break out, Clifford and Marlize are observing this from their home.

Barry manages to trick the janitor at the prison to get one step closer to conducting his plan. At Star Labs, Ralph practices his ability to shape-shift into Wolfe.

At Iron Heights, Barry and the other metas manage to escape before Amunet can weaponize them. At the DeVoes, Clifford and Marlize walk down memory lane over the song that played the first time they met.

Ralph as Wolfe walks into the bar where Caitlin used to work in order to meet Amunet. Barry continues to lead the other metas, but they run into the janitor.

They want to kill him, but Barry insists that they don't have to. Ralph gets to meet Amunet at last as he tries to delay the sell.

But Amunet can tell that something is off with "Wolfe" as she tests him. But Ralph's powers wear off as he turns back into himself and manages to escape.

She calls the real Wolfe who is busy trying to find the missing metas. Ralph goes back to Star Labs and feels disappointed he failed them.

Caitlin goes to see Ralph to snap him out of his funk. She shifts into Killer Frost to persuade him to pull himself together.

Barry and the metas get out of the facility and get their powers back. But Wolfe and his men catch up with them.

The other metas protect Barry by going up against Wolfe who decides to out Barry as The Flash. The metas turn on Barry and begin to attack him.

Becky decides to protect Barry as she doesn't want to be evil. Despite using her bad luck on everyone, Amunet shows up to collect the metas.

But DeVoe shows up and uses his chair to take all of their powers. He then sends his mind into Becky's body who uses his machine to take Wolfe's memories.

She then zaps away before Vibe and Killer Frost show up to save Barry. But he refuses to go with them as he doesn't want to do it this way.

The next day, the appeal to get Barry out is almost about to fall apart. But suddenly Clifford DeVoe, the original one, arrives to clear Barry's name.

But it is actually Ralph as DeVoe in disguise as Barry is cleared of all charges. Later at the West house, they celebrate Barry coming home as he shares with them what happened last night.

At the DeVoe lair, Marlize is questioning why Clifford is taking this latest event so lightly. Clifford decides to drug her with a tear of the metahuman whose tear was special.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Killer Frost: Hello, Stretch.
Ralph: They call me a man who elongates now.
Killer Frost: Hm, they should call you pathetic.

Joe: Wolfe is trafficking meta-humans? Is everybody crooked in this town?
Cisco: Ah, he always did look smug in those Italian wool suits. Oh, my God, he's literally wolf in sheep's clothing.