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Agent Diggle shows up the prison; kills the guards. Very dramatic beginning. Turns out to be DeVoe and he usees his different powers he's got over the season to kill the guards.

Team Flash tries to figure out where he will launch the satellites. Cisco determines it's best to split up to cover different launch pads.

Harry seems to be getting worse.

Ppl have been reacting to Iris' article and getting a lot of reviews, theories, etc.


Yeah, I just I don't know if it's the best idea to send ppl out there to do our jobs for us

We're inspiring them Barry. I mean we could be the ones to show them how to do the right thing. 

Caitlin seeks help from a psychologist who asks Caitlin about her childhood, her father. Says might me repressed memories from her childhood.

Barry gets Dig and they discover that DeVoe has broke into the building where Borman is being kept. Using Borman's powers, DeVoe is channeling a nuclear fusion, the strength of the sun. Using Borman's body as a battery. 12 hours to stop it.

Team Flash continues to try to figure out a way to stop DeVoe from sending his satellites away. 

Joe and his woman with the baby is a nice refresher from the crazy world.


There's not gonna be any surprises. This is gonna be totally sick Cecille

Sick? Are you feeling sick? Joe

Nah brah. Nah This delivery is gonna be sick. Having this baby is gonna be like one epic wave Cecille

Are you okay? You're scaring me. Joe

She ordered pizza from the 


Iris tries to figure out where DeVoe's wife is. Harry says to focus on feelings not facts. Focus on DeVoe's feelings. Where is Marlize gonna feel safe?

Harry then feels helpful and it's good to see him realize he's still apart of the team.

Cisco and Caitlin tell Barry they want to go into Flash Time with him. They pull out a genius idea theat he generates speed force around him and he creates lightning to protect him. He could let go and share his speed. 

Cisco and Caitlin want to be trained to go into their with him and Barry is the perfect leader. But they quickly realize it's harder than they think.

Caitlin check in on Cecille and that the hormone is stretching her metapowers and she is inhabitating minds instead of reading them.

And she becomes Caitlin like she became the surfer pizza guy.

Harry suggests to turn Marlize on their side


You can't save monsters, Iris

Marlzie, isnt a monster, besides the clock is ticking. 10 hours before the enlightenment. what do we have to lose

She stabbed me with a katana. Our lives are what we have to lose. Iris

The train again and Cisco is able to control it better this time. Caitlin can't get ahold of the freeze gun and then falls  with a memory flashing to her childhood of her on a bike and a car about to hit her. You can hear a man's voice in the back, assuming it's her father.

Barry corners Caitlin after she , but he catches her that something pulled her out of focus. He decides to stop training them The duo attempts to regain the upper hand, but Barry still refuses. 

They still try to figure out how to get inside to DeVoe and Borman. Cisco attemtps to come at Barry again with training him. It becomes obvious that Barry really doesn't want to live without his friends


And if you don't take us we'll die anyway. Our brain gets wiped adn that it thats the end of the world

No losing both of my best friends and it being my fault. Thats the end of my world You may think its worth the risk, but I couldnt live with myself.

Cisco and Barry battle it out. barry wants to take everything on alone and Cisco tries to convince him that he's not alone. He has them. Cisco points out that Ralph learned to be a hero because of Barry and tells him that they deserve that same choice. Caitlin agrees that they really want to train.]

Their outside the building now AS A TEAM. just hwo it should be. Barry tries to reassure them that it's dangerous, but Cisco says 

They're inside. It's all working. And now the s[peed picks up and Barry is inside DeVoe's portal. He races to the satellites with the organic weapon from Amunet. He gets it!!!!!! Epic scene.

DeVoe pops up behind him and tells him he's still closer to the enlightenment. He tries to tell barry what the future could hold. No phones, disease, war. People would become curious again. Peace would take over. 

DeVoe says emotion is the most destructive imbalance of all is love. You can tell he is bitter over Marlize. 

THE HOSstages are rescued and Caitlin finally asks Cisco for help. Admitting her memory has been repressed. and Cisco asks if she's sure she wants to know. Cisco takes her there and she witnesses that after she was hit by the truck that KF revealed herself and she was always there. Even before the particle accelerator exploded.

Iris and Harry show up to where Marlize is staying. Marlize is especially angry and Harry tries to calm the situation. He says he's experiencing the beginning stages of the enlightenment. And that his mind will be wiped blank.

Iris begs for her help to turn on her husband. Marlize explains that man is still bad even though she did leave her husband, he is still right. 

Iris asks her what she's willing to do for the world.

DeVoe uses star labs satellite to replace the one Barry stole. DeVoe shows up in star labs and uses the enlightenment protocol.

The satellites are launched and the enlightenement has begun!!!!!!




The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Cisco: And if you don't take us, we'll die anyway. Our brains get wiped, and that's it. That's the end of the world.
Barry: No, losing both of my best friends, and it being my fault...that's the end of my world! You may think it's worth the risk, but I couldn't live with myself.

Iris: You can't save monsters.
Harry: Marlize isn't a monster. Besides, the clock is ticking. It's 10 hours before enlightenment. What do we have to lose?
Iris: She stabbed me with a katana. Our lives are what we have to lose.