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The group gathers together on a mission to find the other paragons. Diggle is angry that Oliver died and they make a plan to go to Purgatory. 

Cisco tries to locate the soucre of the wave and disocovers it originates in the cave. 

The Monitor makes Cisco Vibe again, and he uses his abilities to look into Nash's memories. 

Lex is interogated by Batwoman and Kara on how to use the Book of Destiny.

Kara wants to use the book to bring back all Earths.

Sara, Constintine, and Diggle go to Earth 666 and meet up with Lucifer!

The team discoverd The Flash from another Earth trapped on the treadmill that is powering the anti-matter. 

Vibe teleports the other Barry Allen off the treadmill. There is a failsafe that will destroy all Earths at once. 

Monitor Earth reveals the Anti-Monitor destroyed his Earth and his family.  

Kate and Kara argue over the Book of Destiny.

Team Arrow finds Oliver's soul in purgatory and reunite.

Iris manages to convince Ryan Choi to help save the universe. 

Team Flash discovers the way to stop the anti-matter will cause The Flash's death. 

The other Barry Allen takes our Barry's place, and is killed. 

The team meets a man who taks Oliver into a new destiny. 

Lilia gets back on the ship and the Team discovers she has been controlled by the Anti-Monitor the entire Crisis. 

Our heroes are in danger. 






The Flash
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