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Mitch Romero’s crew is attacked by Romero, now a metahuman.

Barry and Iris tell Team Flash about the Crisis’ new timeline. Barry decides to prepare them one by one for his death.

Ralph’s mom, Debbie, allegedly robbed a pawn shop at gunpoint and is in CCPD custody.

Barry, Killer Frost, and Joe investigate the Romero crew crime scene. They find dark matter charged guns without the dark matter.

Barry and Killer Frost confront Ramsey. He tells them a meta broke in and trashed his lab. Ramsey offers his help on the case.

Allegra shows Iris a photo of Harrison Wells breaking into McCulloch Tech.

Cecile, Ralph, and Debbie try to get Debbie’s alibi but the leader of the gambling ring won’t give them the footage of her at the time of the holdup without $5000.

The blood from the crime scene comes back as Mitch Romero’s.

Romero breaks into Mercury Labs. The Flash and Frost arrive and Frost blasts him out the window several stories up. He gets up and walks away.

Debbie gambles while Ralph gets the tapes.

Ramsey runs tests and realizes Romero’s dark matter cells are taking over his human cells.

Cisco and Iris track down the new Wells. Iris tases him.

Ralph figures out his mom was lying to him about her boyfriends dying after he sees her on tape with the latest one. He tells her to leave.

Barry and Ramsey go to Star Labs so Ramsey can help him catch Romero. Barry catches him trying to steal dark matter.

Ramsey has HLH. Barry convinces him to help save Romero.

Wells AKA Nash tells Cisco and Iris that he’s searching for Eternium. He gets away. Allegra sees them and confronts Iris about lying.

Frost reveals to Barry that the thing that’s making her mad is the prospect of dying in the Crisis when she’s just started living.

Romero attacks Ramsey in Star Labs. Ramsey tells him to stop and he does. He does whatever he says. 

Barry traps Romero in the pipeline. He breaks out. They overdose him with dark matter and he explodes.

Debbie apologizes to Ralph and he gives her an addendum to the Book of Ralph: “22 Steps to Being Open to the Love of Your Life.” She gives it back so he can find love.

Ramsey thinks Romero’s blood can be the cure to HLH. A vial of it mirrors his movements. He absorbs the blood.

Barry throws Frost a birthday party.

Frost figures out that Barry’s death is inevitable in the Crisis. Him and Iris tell the rest of the team.

Nash opens a sewer cover, finding something.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Killer Frost: I don't want to die when I've just started living! Okay? I finally have the chance to live a life and now this stupid Crisis is gonna take it all away?
Barry: I know, it's not fair.
Killer Frost: Did you know that Baskin Robbins has 31 different flavors? I might die before I get to figure out which one is my favorite. Or what my favorite song is. Or have my first birthday party. 30 years of existing and I've never had one. That really sucks.

Cisco: Newsflash Nash, we've actually done this dance before.
Nash: Is that right?
Cisco: That's right. It usually starts off rocky, especially between you and me. But, eventually we bond and you learn to embrace that sensitive side. So why don't you just drop the act? And show me that warm, compassionate, smart guy that I know you to be.