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The opening scene shows Ramsey Ramso breaking into a hospital for more blood. The blood he injected last episode is waring off and hid condition is returning. He needs more blood.

Barry is talking to the team about his impending death and no one is happy. Everyone is ready to prepare but Cisco. He refuses to just accept Barry's death. 

Joe calls Barry to the Russo's crime scene and he gives him advice about the issue with Cisco. 

Russo discovers that black blood temporarily cures HLH cancer by rebuilding cellular structure but he needs to continue injecting. 

Russo has flashbacks with his mother telling him about her condition and just aceepting that it was terminal.

Cisco and Barry are talking about his reaction to this crisis, and Barry suggests to Cisco that they try to save the life of Ramsey Russo. 

Cisco is unconvinced since no one has had success in curing the rare blood cancer. 

New Wells has arrives and into introduces himself as Nash Wells, and he offers to help them if they help hi

Iris gives Ralph his lead on the client is was trying to find, but he seems uninterested.

Ramsey is doing more experiements and injects himelf with more blood filled with dark matte. 

Nash tells Cisco and Barry about a bio-regenitive serum that is located in a secret facility. 

Barry and Cisco are caught sneaking into the facility and Nash becomes Indiana Jones and takes down the security guards. 

Ralph tells Iris that he quits and doesn't want to spend his time searching for his client. 

Cisco makes Barry and Nash believe an alarm was tripped while he was trying to gain access to the holding fridge. 

Cisco takes the sirum and pretends that nothing is in the fridge and someone must have gotten there first. 

Nash teleports them to the lounge and tells Cisco that he wants his crypto circuit done in exchange.  

Barry finds out that Cisco stole the sirum to protect him from the crisis and they have a arguement about accepting death. 

Barry gives Russo the sirum, but it doesn't work because he is too far gone. 

Joe and Ralph have a talk about Barry's impending death and the real reason Ralph isn't persuing his client. 

Multiple alarms go off in the hospital, which alerts Team Flash. Flash and Frost speed to the hopital to figure out what is happening. 

The Flash stops Russo and discovers he is killer that has been making mayham in Central City. 

Russo uses his power to control the dead and kill his mother's doctor. Ramsey dead melt into they are nothing but blood. 

Team Flash meets back at Star Labs to talk about a plan to defeat Russo. 

Barry and Joe have a touching heart to heart. 

Nash goes underground and we discover is trying to find the Monitar. 






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The Flash Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

You know exactly what that is, and I don't care what powers you have, if you want it, you'll have to go through me.


Ramsey's Mother: Ramsey, I am not your enemy.
Ramsey: I know, the real enemy is death.