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Cisco is arrested in the opening scene without any context. Next, we see Iris and Barry discussing their two day trip to Tahiti.

Iris is sporting her curly hair and agrees to the vacation. Cisco assures the team he can take over as leader which Barry is gone. He chows them the AI he created called BARI. The decision making program lets Cisco know what Barry would do in any given situation. 

Frost and Rlaphy leave to stake out Ramsey's lab. Joe confronts Nash into the underground cave, and after a scuffle they cause a cave in, leaving them trapped. 

Camilla and Cisco head to bed, but Cisco has a dream and realizes he sleep walks and Camilla informs him it's not the first time. 

Josh Breacher comes into Cisco's room and informs him that gypsy is dead.  

Camilla tells Breacher Cisco gave up his powers and Cisco is told about Breach psychosis.  

Breacher tells Cisco he was following his daughter killer to this Earth. Cisco remebers Gypsy talking about a man no breacher has been able to ID.  

Nash causes a explosion that leaves Joe and Nash with 42 minutes left to breathe.  

Frost tracks the bodies Ramsy left behind, and Ralph worries Frost is trying to go at it alone.  

Cisco and Camilla find a team of collector agents surveying the crime scene. They get some into on how Gypsy died, and find out she was vaporized.  

 Cisco and Camilla try to talk but are interupted by agents. They decide to continue investigating Gypsy's death without the agents helps. 

JCisco gets into a machine that can use vibes to see Gypsy's death and find the killer. Camilla tries to find the gun and all clues points into Cisco's office. 

Camilla finds the gun in Cisco's office and he is revealed as the killer. Breacher threaten to kill Cisco but then they realize he wasn't in his right mind. 

Ralph finds Nash and Joe underground, much to Nash's surprise. 

Ramsey and Caitlin talk and Ramsey offers Caitlin the chance to join him, but she refuses. He chokes her and threatens her life. 

Cisco is ready to be arrested, but then finds out Eco is the real killer. 

They have a showdown and it is revealed that Cisco is innocent.  

The Flash
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My brain is the Ryan Gosling of intellects.


Sometimes the truth is the hardest lie to see through. When you can’t put your faith in the truth, all you have is yourself.