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Team Flash is lead into an underground cave by Nash Wellls. He tells them the Monitor is a fraud posing as a false god. He shares his theory on an interdementional time portal located under the rocks. 

Chester, the meta human we were introduced to in the season opener breaks out of his confinment and starts fooling around in star labs. Killer Frost shares news of his death in the eyes of the public. 

Barry goes to Joe's office to share his decision to pass the touch to Ralph as sole protector of the city. Ralph comes in shorty after and Joe shares the information he found about the missing woman Ralph's been searching for this season. 

Barry offers to help Ralph with the P.I. case to search for Sue. Ralph shows Barry picture of Sue in her one of a kind dress, and tracks her to a casino. 

Alegra meets with Nash who discovers she is a meta-human with UV ray powers. He agrees to help her get the inside scoop on the multi-verse if she helps him get into the cave. 

Chester and Cecile bond over powers and she vows to help him win over Natalie.

The casino's host comes to play a game with Barry and Ralph. He engages in conversation about Sue and finds that they are not on the guest list. 

The game of cat and mouse begins. 





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