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In August's mind, Godspeed tells Barry that he wants organic speed. He didn't anticipate losing his memories. August gives Barry an ultimatum -- either he gives him his speed or he destroys his city. Barry turns him down.

Barry wakes up and fills everyone in on his conversation with Godspeed.

Cecile comforts August after he learns that he is a killer as Godspeed.

Chester reassures Allegra that she is not to blame for Esperanza's death.

The Speed Force returns. She gives Barry, Iris, Nora, Bart, and Jay a boost of power. Bart wakes up from his coma.

Joe is about to be killed by a clone when Kristen uses speedster powers to save him. She passes out.

The speedsters of Team Flash face off against Godspeed clones. They knock them all out, but they start feeding off of the Speed Force and recharge. She leaves so they stand a chance.

Allegra appears and charges the S.E.E. It wipes out the clones.

More Godspeed clones show up around the city. Frost and Cisco deal with them.

Barry and Iris decide to give August what he wants -- organic speed. Barry gives August a speed boost, which brings back his memories.

Godspeed goes to the top of S.T.A.R. Labs and absorbs his clones. Barry finds him and Godspeed runs away. Barry chases after him. They fight.

Thawne shows up and knocks Godspeed down. Iris helped the Speed Force bring him back. They struck a deal.

Barry and Thawne fight Godspeed. Thawne almost kills Godspeed. After, he tries to kill Barry, but Barry is faster than him. Thawne promises to get faster and he runs away.

August is sent to Iron Heights. The Speed Force erases his memories of Barry being the Flash.

Barry asks Iris to remarry him and renew their vows.

Kristen tells Joe that her meta test came back positive. She can mimic the powers of any meta in close proximity. She apologizes to him for her actions. She takes an indefinite leave of absence from CCPD.

Barry and Iris renew their vows.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Nora: It just all feels so hopeless.
Jay: It never is. I promise you that.

August, I know that things seem really hopeless right now. But believe me when I tell you that this team of ours...if there is anyone who can find a way out of this thing, it is Team Flash.