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Stef starts her new job as a detective. She works a case involving a sex worker, Diamond. She and her partner Margo are trying to find Diamond's pimp and hope that Diamond can help them. Mike calls her after Diamond is assaulted by a pimp. Stef tries to convince Diamond to turn on her pimp and takes her to Girls United to work with Daphne and Callie.

Diamond steals Callie's phone and contacts her Pimp. He claims he'll forgive her if she brings him a girl.

Callie sees AJ and his friend kissing while playing basketball. She tries to reconnect with him a few times but he seems to be brushing her of. Finally she talks to him about what she saw and he said he didn't kiss the girl or initiate it but admitted that he's tired of their relationship being all about Callie. They break up.

lena is in hot water when parents complain about the lgbt sex ed course. She didn't have permission slips from all of the kids. She is eventually concerned that Drew will take her job and that Drew and Monte are working together to oust her.

Jesus is working on his reading and doesn't like the fact that he has to wear glasses. He and Mariana decide on a tree house project when the fear is that Jesus may fall behind and end up in a special school because of his TBI. She wants Gabe to help but she finds out that he's been kicked out of his home, unemployed, and is moving. 

Mike and AJ agree that Ana can move in the apartment down the hall and that when AJ turns 18 he and brother can move into Ana's apartment so they can still be together, because he wants AJ in his life. 

Emma tries to get Brandon to get the letter back from Jesus.  


The Fosters
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