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Nick hears of a disturbance in the community. He calls Marcus for backup. When they get to the house they hear a glass break, but it was just Mr. McAlister.

Andie gets bombarded by the two boys in school. Her friend helps her realize that Brett is the one she has to figure out what she wants out of the relationship.

Brett’s friend informs him of the kiss between Andie and Charlie - so he looses it. His friend convinces him to finally break the rules and venture out of the Gates .

Claire runs into her old friend Christian who gives her his card to contact him. While cooking a dinner for her party guests, Claire realizes that her life isn’t as exciting as it use to be, so she decides to contact Christian.

Christian and her go to town on some young girl he meets at the bar. That night, at her dinner party Claire is having a very hard time keeping everything together, but no one suspects a thing.

There is some sort of bug in the system that someone inside the Gates caused. Nick orders a full lockdown to find the robbers.

Lee notices that something important was stolen. Peg comes to see Lee and gives her some medication to help, but warns her that it’s only temporary.

Marcus calls the chief in and shows him that someone in a school letterman jacket entered the Gates around the time of the break-ins. Nick calls in Brett and his mom and tells the chief that he didn’t go to the football game, but went biking with some friends.

Later in the car, Brett’s mom warns him that she doesn’t want  his life ending up the way that his father did.

Sarah meets up with Brett’s mom who tells her that bother Brett’s father and brother were killed in a hunting accident.

Nick is able to put together that the robber was shipping his stolen goods out of the community. The culprit happened to be the history teacher.

Although out on bail, Lee goes to see the teacher and speak to him about what he stole from her. Before he could leave, she kills him with a silencer.  

Andie meets with Brett and tells him that she is not in love with him and that they should break up. She leaves him and goes to see Charlie. Andie tells him that she would like to start something and see where it leads.

Brett is furious and hurt by Andie dumping him so he tells his friends that he wants to go run with them.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Last time I checked, clumsiness isn't a crime.

Mr. McAlister

I'm aware of the Gates policy.

Mr. McAlister