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Claire and Dylan ask Nick for his help to find their daughter.  One of the pseudo names that Christian uses comes up as a match. They go to the house and find the real people dead on their couch. Christian calls Nick and tells him to stay out of it and to ask Claire and Nick about St. Louis.
Back when Emily was just a baby, Claire, Dylan and Christian murdered her parents.   Claire realized what she was and adopted Emily. Ever since then,  the Radcliff’s had started a new life.
After a long interrogation, Nick is able to put together where Christian took Emily – back to her birth parents home.
When they get there, Emily’s aunt is there and not wanting her to leave. Claire realizes this is the worst thing that Christian could do to them and repays him with a stake through the heart.
Sarah tries to have a conversation with Charlie about Andie and he won’t have it. Back at school Charlie and Andie have a run in with Lexi.  Andie warns Lexi to back off. Lexie confronts Brett about Andie and he admits to her that Andie is a succubus.
Lexie warns Charlie that Andie is dangerous, but Charlie doesn’t want to hear it.  Charlie then confronts Andie about it and she confronts Brett.
Andie admits to Charlie that she’s a succubus and he doesn’t want to believe it.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nick: If it comes down to it - head or heart?
Dylan: Always go with the heart.

Christian violated my wife so I tried to kill him.