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Dylan is burring Teresa’s body while Nick has flashbacks of the night.. Marcus is trying to reach her, but obviously can’t because she’s dead.

Dylan stops by Nick’s house to pick up his daughter. They go out to breakfast and Nick questions Dylan’s whereabouts.

Andie is researching what she is. Charlie stops  by to make the moves on her. The next day Peg explains what exactly Andie is to her and tells her to be careful with Charlie.

Back at the station, Nick tries to lesson the worries of Marcus’s girlfriend Theresa, bur Marcus doesn’t want to let it go.

Marcus goes above the chiefs commands and interviews Dylan anyway. He doesn’t give up and finds out the truth that Theresa isn’t who she says she is.

Nick goes searching  for the dead body of Theresa. He doesn’t find anything, but runs into Dylan who threatens him to back off.

Devon sneaks into her old bedroom and steals the surveillance tape before her ex catches her.

Marcus confronts the chief about Theresa. Nick tells him that she must have had cold feet before she did anything. Marcus believes him.

Devon’s ex-husband shows that he has a tape of Nick and Dylan killing Theresa and he puts it in his safe.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

For what it's worth - I haven't killed anyone in eight years.


Give it a couple days cowboy.