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Six years ago in Columbia. Marcos drives to an Abby in a jeep. He goes in alone and approaches the nuns. He pays the sisters to go in and see a dying man. He heats up with soup with his light. It's his father, and he has cancer. He gave Marcos a choice to hide his powers or to leave, just like his mother.

Present day. The doctor says the baby has severe jaundice and needs Marcos's powers to survive. Reeva says to get him.

Blink: Next time you drunk dial your ex, just make sure you don't include the entire Eastern seaboard.

John and Blink are going underground in the sewers to see Evangeline's contact. Erg?

Reed is thinking about his almost transformation. He's going to Baltimore, and Caitlin wants to talk to him. She admits she went too far and she's worried about Lauren. He doesn't open up to Caitlin about what's wrong with Lauren.

Andy comes in to see Lorna and the baby. He tries to talk her into leaving Dawn while Marcos is there. She refuses.

Marcos is in a diner and is looking at a baby rattle he made for Dawn. He hears whispering. The whispers are the triplets, telling him what to do. He goes out and gets his powers ready. They tell him something's wrong with the baby. He goes with them and puts a hood on.

Reeva comes to Andy's room. She wants Andy by her side for Marcos's visit. He was planning to stay in his room. This is a test for Andy. To see if he can stand up to his friends. Meaning Marcos.

John and Blink go to the sewers. John is using his tracking powers. Someone is trying to get them lost. John morphs through a wall.

The ex-sentinel guy is calling Paula. He's decided to pursue the mutant issue. He has information about mutant fugitives in the area.

Reed and Lauren are driving. She thinks he's upset and he's trying to talk to her. Caitlin calls and is looking for the file cabinet. He's having an episode while driving. She sees what's going on with him. He melts the steering wheel, and they get into an accident.

They grab the supplies out of the back, and they run just as people come running. The workers discover it was mutants.

Lauren: Dad, you have powers. How long were you going to hide this?

The cops showed up to the accident in moments. Reed and Lauren run.

Blink and John are looking and are going around in circles. Once they find the sewer people, they're welcomed by guns.

Sentinal guy is showing the cops his research. 

Reeva lays down the law to Marcos. He's instructed to only talk about the baby. He tries to talk to her, but she cuts him off. He wants the hold Dawn. He uses his light on her. He's crying, and so is Polaris.

The gun people take John and Polaris to Erg. They said they want to talk. He will only talk to Blink. John doesn't want her to go, but she does anyway. She asks him about the inner circle. He wants her to join them. 

The sentinal guy is at the scene of the car crash and goes to investigate. Reed and Lauren hotwire a car. Sentinel guy sees them. They drive away.

Erg takes Blink to the real underground. His mission is to protect mutants, and he wants Blink to be a spy in the world above to help him down below.

Reed and Lauren are talking about his powers. He doesn't want to tell Caitlin. Lauren thinks he should tell her. No more secrets. She regrets not telling them all sooner.

John is waiting for Blink. She comes back. Erk said that the Frost sisters were tapping into a cable at the health department, but he doesn't know why. Guess this means Blink has agreed to be a spy.

Back to the baby. Marcos is speaking to her in Spanish. Dawn is holding his finger. He cures her, and he gives Polaris the rattle. He begs her to stay with him. The Frost sisters try to force Marcos to the elevator, but he resists and tells Lorna that the Frost sisters are lying to her and they are in her head. Then he attacks them. Reeva comes out and disables Marcos. Andy takes him to the door. His arm is severely burnt.

Turner goes back and tells the cop about seeing the Struckers. The head cop kicks him out and doesn't believe him. 

John's trying to figure out what the inner circle wanted from the health department.

Blink lies to John. She doesn't tell him about being a spy. John tells her Evangeline said Andy and Lorna are trapped in the Inner Circle, and they'll have to kill him.

Marcos arrives. Marcos: I don't wanna rest. I wanna hit 'em back.

Reed comes back and sees Caitlin. He tells her abt the accident and that he's a mutant. She's upset he's been hiding it for six months. He's scared and doesn't know what's happening. She hugs him. Lauren sees. 

Lorna is using the rattle.

Reeva: Now let's get to work girls. This revolution isn't gonna start itself.

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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Next time you drunk dial your ex, just make sure you don't include the entire Eastern seaboard.


Dad, you have powers. How long were you going to hide this?