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It's a sad day of realization on The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4, as Andy makes his choice clear. He doesn't hesitate for a second to attack Lauren, and everyone is heartbroken.

Caitlin convinced herself, as any mother would, that he was still her baby boy and must be scared. The Hellfire Club must be making him perform like some circus monkey.


No. We found out right along with Reed, Caitlin, and the rest of the Underground that sweet, meek, and scared Andy is gone.

Something Terrible - The Gifted

His personality and his loyalty changed with his hair. When Lauren wakes up, she's going to be devastated along with the rest of them.

That mutant the Hellfire Club rescued must be pretty powerful for them to go through all that trouble. If he has powers anything close to Reeva's, the Underground is in some serious trouble.

Maybe that's where Reed's powers are going to come in. We don't know what they are going to be yet, but he can melt stuff.


I think the dreams are telling me I need to be the one to bring Andy home.


I'm going to imagine that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, when Reed's full powers come out, they'll rival Reeva's because the Underground needs a win.

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Unfortunately, with the members they have now, they will lose every single time. That fact stinks because they're the good guys.

Or are they?

Marcos and Lauren - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4

I believe they are, but Caitlin went to some extremes with Graph to get what she wanted. Reed had a point about them not being any better than the people they're fighting.

I see why Caitlin felt she needed to be extreme. She's a mom. Trying to protect your young is a superpower all it's own. Caitlin believed with her whole heart that she could rescue Andy if she could get to him. Caitlin, the mom, was convinced she could save him from Hellfire.

The trouble is Andy doesn't want to be saved. He doesn't want help.

It's our family, Lauren, I'll do what I have to.


Reed does have a point, though. If you remember Dr. Campbell's experiments on the mutants on The Gifted Season 1, he was shooting them all up with drugs to control them.

The good doc got all the prisoner mutants addicted and then got them to do his bidding.

Does it really matter what the reason was though?

Polaris Has a New Haircut - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4

Caitlin felt justified in shooting Graph up with a kick. Dr. Campbell also felt justified.

Granted, she chose a dark route, but I can't see Caitlin going to those lengths again. Not for Andy, anyway. Not after what Andy did to Lauren. He chose a side, and he will destroy whoever gets in his way. Family or not.

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Then we have Polaris who came back when John called her, which had me thinking for a split second there was some loyalty left in her.


She only came back to stall John and Clarice.

Jace, the job will never be done.


Her actions make me wonder if the Frost sisters have some control over her brain.

When Marcos was kidnapped and taken to Hellfire in The Gifted Season 2 Episode 3, he warned Lorna that the Frost sisters were lying to her and they were in her head. Maybe they're calling the shots.

Yes, Lorna killed a plane-full of people before she left the Underground, but now I'm not convinced she's still entirely in charge of her actions.

John is Ready to Fight - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4

I wonder if she would've been able to resist Marcos.

Given how she treated him at Hellfire when he was so super sweet to Dawn, I don't know. She didn't help Marcos when Reeva attacked him, so no, Lorna would've done the same thing.

What's going to have to happen is Blink is going to have to convince Erg to involve the sewer mutants in the fight. The Underground needs more people in the fight.

Even if Reed's powers surpass Reeva's, he's a bit emotional and raw right now. I'm not sure he'll be able to stand up against Andy. That's his son.

Andy: Get outta the way.
Lauren: No, I'm here to take you home.

The Underground needs mutants who aren't emotionally involved to overpower and disable Andy.

Let me sidestep to Turner for a minute because they centered this episode around addiction and attachments, and Turner's a part of that.

Turner is addicted to finding the mutants and making them pay for Grace's death. It doesn't matter if he's right or wrong. It doesn't matter that he's losing his wife.

Thunderbird and Blink - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4

His focus is on this one mission. Turner believes that after this mission is complete, that's it. Last one. Just like an alcoholic says this is his last beer or a drug addict can shoot up one last time.

It's the same thing.

Paula saw that. She knows Jace will never stop no matter what.

He's no different than Graph or how John used to be or what may be in Reed's future.

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It's sad because Jace let his anger and obsession get the best of him and he lost everything he had left because of it.

Just like any addict.

Hopefully, John can help Reed before he gets to the point of no return. Reed needs to train and hone his powers so he can be an asset to the Underground.

They're going to need him to fight whatever is coming next.

What do you think, The Gifted fanatics? Do you think Reed is on the road to addiction? Do you think the Frost sisters are controlling Lorna? Who do you think the rescued mutant is? Are there any guesses on his powers?

Hit the comments and tell us what you think.

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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I think the dreams are telling me I need to be the one to bring Andy home.


It's our family, Lauren, I'll do what I have to.