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Shaun and Carly kiss and then a timer goes off and Shaun turns the TV back on. He wants to wait 12 minutes between kisses so they can see the end of th emovie. Carly kisses him anyway. Shaun wants to stick to the schedule.

The next morning, Lea wants to know what happened. Shaun says the end of the movie was predictable. Shaun doesn't like being touched in more than one place at a time. His phone rings and he's excited. He is going to do his first lead surgery. He runs out of the house. 

Morgan asks Claire how she is. Claire thanks her for her help but wants her to keep it herself. Morgan says that's textbook denial. Claire is irritated.

Claire works with a patient who fell from a chimney while cleaning it.

Shaun meets his patient who is happy he is young and laughing too much for someone who has esophagal cancer.

Claire's patient has a BAC of .09 which he says is impossible because he doesn't drink. He's taken to the OR.

Glassman discovers that Debbie has a gun. She says she keeps it in her gun safe. Glassman is not happy about it.

Park asks how nervous Shaun is. He is irritated that Shaun got the case instead of him and tries to convince Shaun something will go wrong but then apologizes. Park and Shaun discover the woman has a lot of scar tissue which means she will need a permanent feeding tube after all.

Shaun does not want to tell the patient this and asks Park to do it. Andrews says then give the case to Park. Shaun doesn't want to. Lim says Park can tell the patient.

Claire says in surgery that the patient's wife believe his lies. Morgan says so he's in denial?

Andrews makes Shaun tell the patient himself anyway. He does so nervously.

Glassman asks the residents for advice. Claire, Morgan, and Park all have had partners who left them because they had guns.

Carly asks Shaun if he is nervous. He's irritated by that. Carly is also annoyed that Shaun asked Lea about their issues.

Lim says the patient wants Shaun off the case. Shaun doesn't want another case. He prepared for this case. He starts to have a meltdown and runs away.

Shaun sits on the bench outside. Li comes and sits with him. She tells him he is learning. She says she is learning every day and so is he. Shaun says he is not because he has a developmental disorder.

Lim takes Shaun to see the patient and says if the patient doesn't trust Shaun he doesn't trust her.

Morgan and Claire argue while trying to find out what's going on with the patient.

Glassman tells Debbie he was an idiot. She needs to defend herself at night. He got an alarm system for her. She still doesn't want to give up her gun.

Andrews tells Lim that she's ruining Shawn and he's not ready to be the surgical lead.

Morgan and Claire tell the patient's wife that if he doesn't drink anymore his heart rhythm will go back to normal.

His wife says that their marriage is built on his sobriety and she believes that he is sober. SHe doesn't care that Claire ran the BAC three times. Curtis' BP suddenly drops.

Shaun dreams that his brother is telling him surgery is easy and he should enjoy it. Shaun is worried about getting upset. If Andrews has to take over he has failed and endangered a patient's life.

Steve encourages Shaun to blow out candles.

The next morning Glassman tells him being nervous means he cares. Shaun says being nervous means he's inadequate and unprepared. Glassman tells him he focused on the color orange when he did it and gives him an orange cap.

Shaun is watching a video in Japanese about surgery. Carly comes to wish him luck and kiss him. Shaun asks how a kiss can give you good luck. Carly says it's important they tell each other what they like and don't like. Shaun starts giving her a list. Carly wants him to touch something other than her lips. She gets him to touch her breast. Shaun says she doesn't have any lumps.

Morgan tells Curtis' wife that Curtis has bleeding ulcers caused by alcohol use. She still doesn't believe it and won't consent to the procedure he needs. She insists he's telling the truth. Claire says her faith in her husband may kill him.

Shaun comes into the OR in slow motion and someone puts gloves on him. He takes seceral deep breaths while Andrews stares at him and asks for a 10 blade.to make the first incision. Steve is behind him.

Shaun performs the surgery. Andrew stares into it. All of a sudden Shaun says he can't do it. He freaks out and runs away.

Shaun is freaking out. LIm tells Park to take over the surgery. Park says he thinks Shaun is seeing something. Park tells Shaun to breathe. Shaun sees Steve and breathes. He says there was  a much larger area of tumor free esophagus. He has an idea but the procedure is only done in Japan. It would mean Beth doesn't need a feeding tube and it is too complex for him to lead. Andrews hasn't done it either. Shaun says he can walk them through it.

Claire is skeptical that love is enough to get people through anything. She thinks it's BS. They find a tumor obstructing his digestive tract.

Glassman tells Debbie he had to operate on a boy who was accidentally shot. He starts spouting off statistics.  Debbie says 1 out of 4 are victims of intimate partner violence. He asks did something happen to her? She's offended.

Shaun is walking Melendez through the surgery.  Park is disappointed that Lim sends him to Melendez and Claire's surgery.

Claire removes a tumor. It smells like alcohol.

Lim says the final stitch is Shaun's. Shaun thinks he sees Steve. 

Morgan says the tumor was causing his stomach to create alcohol out of undigested carbs. Claire says that Curtis' wife's faith in him saved his life.

Park says he got his first lead after all. Shaun says he's happy for him. LIm says Shaun will get a chance again soon. Andrews says Shaun failed as a surgeon. Lim says no one works alone.

Glassman tells Shuan that the thought of having a gun in his house makes him sick. Shaun asks if Debbie lets Glassman touch her breast. Glassmans ays yes. Shaun says then don't worry about anything else.

Claire admits she was wrong but 99.9% of the time she would be right. Morgan tells her not to give up hope. Claire says hope killed her mother.

Glassman opens the gun safe and takes the gun out. He takes the bullets out of the gun. He puts the gun away and Debbie comes out of the shower. She says they need to talk. GLassman comes up to her and touches her breast. He says he wants to compromise. They kiss.

Shaun knocks on Carly's door. She says his first lead surgery went well. He says he didn't have a first lead surgery but it went well. Can he check her other breast?



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

You look awfully young. I always say that the younger you are, the smarter you must be.


Claire: Thank you for your help with the sea lions. But I'd like to keep my mother's death between us. I'm not ready to deal with people's platitudes.
Morgan: That suggests you're not okay with it. That's a textbook case of denial.
Claire: Denial is the first step of the grieving process but thank you for the platitudes.