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Shaun, Andrews, and Park meet their new patient, Mitchell Stewart, a conspiracy theorist who believes his liver disease is due to poisoning, not to actual disease.

Andrews orders the surgery despite Mitchell's paranoia.

Claire and Morgan see a patent who pukes on them and has high blood pressure. Her appendix has ruptured.

Carly is curious who the patient is since Shaun and Park can't hear her.

Claire freezes up when asked a question during surgery.

Shaun comes to see Glassman, who is getting ready to go get married at City Hall. Shaun is confused about why Carly wants to hold hands.

Morgan and Claire do an MRI and realize their patient is incapable of feeling pain.

Glassman freaks out at City Hall when he realizes he didn't know Debbie was in the Merchant Marines. He doesn't think he can do this.

Claire asks the patient about her mother's death and tells Morgan to check her brain waves.

The patient's hand is red and swollen, indicating infection.

Claire explains about the patient's condition. Patient is confused, insists she feels pain.

Debbie goes to talk to Glassman. She thinks she deserves an explanation and is humiliated. Glassman is scared he doesn't know her well enough and that they will get divorced. Debbie thinks that's crap and that they just have different styles. 

Morgan and Claire argue about whether Lily can feel love since she can't feel pain. There is too much diseased tissue and Melendez says she will lose her hand.

Shaun makes popcorn for him and Carly and tells her he doesn't like to hold hands and he thinks he should win this one because he doesn't like to hold hands and it doesn't bother Carly not to hold hands. Carly tells him that in real life there are no happy endings. Holding hands means they have each other when times get hard. 

Shaun and Carly hold hands but Shaun starts to freak out so they stop.

Morgan offers Lily a treatment that will allow her to feel pain. Lily doesn't see the point of that.

Shaun watches people holding hands and wondering why it's so important. Park says the relationship won't last if Shaun doesn't find a way to give her what she wants.

There is a complication with Mitchell's case. Mitchell wants to go to another hospital. Shaun talks him out of it. Mitchell only wants Shaun on his case.

Lily's husband is concerned. He thought they were both carrying the load, but would she even care if he died? She says of course it matters. She loves him. Her husband thinks her love doesn't go too deep because she can't feel pain. He goes. Lily is confused.

Mitchell doesn't want to eat the hospital food. Shaun finds a bottle of supplements in his bag. He says they are for energy. Shaun says there is no problem and runs away.

Morgan tells Shaun that Lily is going to take the treatment. Claire thinks that Mitchell doesn't trust anyone because of his parents being alcoholics. Shaun thinks that's ridiculous because Mitchell is an adult. Claire says there's lots of lying in the world. Shaun gets an idea and goes.

Lily is in crisis. She never noticed before how ugly the walls are.

Shaun tells Mitchell that he is being poisoned by the supplements he's taking. 

Claire asks LIly's husband why he walked out. He says he wants her to feel what he feels. Claire wonders how much of this is because eveyrone else is miserable. She walks off.

Shaun goes to talk to Glassman. He agrees with Glassman that Glassman can be irritating. Glassman wants Shaun's advice about getting married. Shaun is thirlled that Glassman asked him for advice but he doesn't have any advice. He doesn't understand why Glassman asked when he already knew the answer. 

Debbie inds Glassman jumping on a trampoline. He says he's leaping. He falls off and asks if she will leap with him to City Hall.

Claire doesn't know what to do with her mother's ashes. Her mom wanted them scattered in the Marine Science Center. Morgan says they need to do it now. Claire says it's pointless since her mom is dead. Morgan says the center is open for an after-hours event and they have to dress up. They are dressed in feathers and go to find the sea lions.

Lily cries in her husband's arms. He tells her he's there for her. Melendez says they had to discontinue the medication. Lily's husband says she never cries.

Carly and Shaun come to City Hall all dressed up and sit with Glassman.

Claire says this seems weird. Morgan says her mother's religion was music so Claire should sing. Claire sings Amazing Grace and scatters the ashes while Glassman gets married and Shaun lets Carly hold his wrist.

Lili and her husband leave the hospital whle Morgan and Claire take the bus home.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Park: Mitchell Stewart? The guy who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. He's an ass.
Andrews: An ass who needs our help.

Will we be doing this during all the commercials?