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Melendez and Glassman are at a charity event. So is Lea for some reason. She assumed Glassman wouldn't be there. She has two drinks for herself. The director and her wife show up and ofer a tour. There is an earthquake all of a sudden while they are in a hallway and everything starts falling apart. Some equipment feels near or on Lea and Melendez (separately).

Lim calls and Melendez tells her he's okay. Glassman has a dislocated shoulder but insists he's okay. Lim is going to get a HURT team to tend to the wounded. There are a ton of wounded people.

Lim tells the staff no elective surgeries etc. She is taking Shaun and Claire with her to check on the people at the charity location.

Melendez starts trying to treat people in the area he is stuck in. Glassman cannot check on Lea as the hallways is blocked. Noreen's foot is broken. Glassman finds a scared man with a bloody leg.

Claire, Lim, and Shaun arrive. Lim sends Glassman back to the hospital but not before he tells Shaun that Lea is missing.

Claire finds Melendez, who insists he's fine. She checks him out anyway. She tells him he needs a full evaluation. Melendez tells Shaun that Lea is blocked in. Shaun sees the first responders working with a woman who has a sore neck. He realizes something is pressing on her spinal cord then goes to try to find Lea.

Andrews tells Morgan she can't work because she had surgery recently. She offers to do triage. He tells her she keeps information from her attending if it benefits her and tells her to go to bed.

Shuan says someone is in the wreckage but it is not Lea.

Melendez has an X-ray app on his phone and finds that Shaun was right. The patient asks what they're going to do. Claire thinks they could remove the screw here. Noreen doesn't think that's a good idea but Melendez thinks Claire is right.

Meanwhile, Shaun jumps down a shaft in search of Lea when she calls to him. He crawls through it telling hmself he's not afraid. He sees his brother who says of course he is.

Glassman insists that Andrews let Morgan run the ER and warns her that using her hands could screw them up for life.

The first responders find an underage drinker trapped in the rubble who says that  his mom is dead and his dad is on a plane somewhere.

Morgan warns the nurses she is gonna be a bitch.

Steve tells Shaun that Lea doesn't need him and doesn't love him and won't fall in love with him cause he rescues her. Lea calls for help. Shaun pushes forward.

Noreen begs Claire and Melendez not to do the surgery. Melendez implies she should talk to her wife about that.

Noreen's wife is sure that Melendez will save her.

Shaun digs through a lot of rubble and finds a woman (not Lea) trapped under a beam.

The womn's name is Vera. She says her shoulder hurts. Shaun examines her and finds her lungs are fine and she has no nerve damage. He removes some rubble and finds something impaled in her leg.

Meanwhile, Melendez begins surgery

Morgan has to get a nurse to help her put the stethoscope in the right place. Lungs are hyperinflated.

Shaun radios Lim, who says the firefighters will take care of Vera. He learns Lea has n ot been found.

Andrews needs Glassman's help but he's in the middle of surgery on someone else.

Melendez says the patient needs a blood transfusion before they can continue surgery. Claire has an idea.

Park talks to the underage drinker and tells him a story about getting caught with weed. He gets called away. Lim says the guy's spine has been severed and is gonna bleed out when they lift the bar. The only thing they can do is get his dad here before it's too late.

A nurse suspects a patient has kidney stones/is pregnant. She tells Morgan to stop being a bitch.

Vera tells Shaun she came here to see her ex-boyfriend in the hopes he would take her back. Shaun understands. He tells her he has autism and hugs her while he performs a painful procedure.

Melendez asks Noreen where she met her wife. She says a church she's not a member of anymore

Claire comes back with a homemade pump that will recirculate the patient's blood.

Lea is found in a hole in the floor and appears to be okay.

The boy asks Park when the bar will be removed. Park says they are working on it.  He asks if the kid's dad actually said he was a screwup. Kid says no. Park says he is sure the dad doesn't judge him as harshly as he thinks. Kid says dad doesn't know him.

Noreen is impressed with Claire's invention.

Park has a long shot idea to save Casey and says it has nothing to do with him being the same age as Callen. Lim says okay.

The nurse is doing an ultrasound on the patient. She is not pregnant but asks for muscle relaxants for her back. Morgan realizes she has an ectopic pregnancy and needs to have surgery ASAP.

Vera and Shaun sit together.. Vera says if they both survive they should both move on. Shaun doesn't want to. He makes a speech about being in love with Lea that Lea overhears on Lim's walkie talkie while sitting in an ambulance. Lea cries.

Morgan's patient is having a crisis. Morgan can't find a surgeon to do the procedure.

Casey thanks Park for getting his dad here. He puts Casey to sleep so they can do surgery.

Morgan decides she's doing the surgery herself and takes off her bandages.

Marta is able to squeeze Maureen's hand.

There is an aftershock just as Marta is about to be put in an ambulance. Immediately after it stops, Melendez collapses.

Lim radios Shaun who says he is oaky except for the water and asks Lim to hurry. Lea hears and cries.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

What if there's an aftershock? The whole place could come down.


I'm about to assemble a HURT team and head out. Any idea how many wounded?