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Shaun is sitting at home watching weather reports and looking depressed. Claire shows up and tries to give him a pep talk.. He wishes he was normal. Claire convinces him to go to work.

A guy has too much pressure in his brain and needs a part of his brain removed. He doesn't like the idea of losing his ability to speak well. Shaun insists the guy has to accept the surgery. Melendez says Shaun is being rude but correct. Finn's girlfriend tries to talk him into it. He says for them to do whatever they think is best.

Lim and Andrews treat a patient who lost his arms in a farm accident. Andrews thinks he should consider amputation/prosthetic. The man rejects that idea.

Morgan's RA is getting worse. Glassman is of the opinion Claire should not have interfered with Shaun's pity party. Morgan wants to have surgery that Glassman thinks is a bad idea. He tries to convince her to forget surgery and pursue a specialty that doesn't require so much dexterity.

Shaun's patient figures out Shaun got dumped. Some other girl comes in and appears to be Finn's girlfriend. He claims he's not cheating. He wants Claire to help keep his two girlfriends apart.

In the OR, Shaun and Claire get into a converseation about whether women are attracted to non-typical guys. Finn has too much pressure on his brain when his head is moved. Melendez says that makes no sense and they will need to delay surgery until they figure it out.

The team looks at x-rays. Shaun keeps interrupting Claire til she tells him to stop. She thinks they can do an alternative approach. Shaun insists that's not safe.

Shaun and Claire argue about options. Claire gets annoyed with Shaun. He goes.

Morgan and Park have to go. They have a suggestion for Andrews and Lim. Andrews takes Lim aside and asks if she disagrees with him because the prosthetics were his idea. Lim says she is fighting because the patient is fighting. Andrews insists the amputation is the only rational choice.

Melendez comes in where Claire is working alone. Melendez agrees with Shaun's concerns. Someone brings flowers for Claire. She says she hasn't kissed Dash yet. Melendez advises her not to hold back if it's the right guy.

Finn suggests Shaun just ask someone else out. He says he knows how Shaun feels about being rejected because he is different.  All of a sudden FInn crashes.

Claire can't find a solution that works. Melendez tells her to go home.

Morgan tells the farm guy that he will still have pain after the surgery. She wonders if he will change his mind if the pain is too much. He begins coughing and having an issue with his chest.

Dash and Claire go out. They are laughing and reminiscing. They almost kiss and then Claire awkwardly says she has to go. She decides at te last second to kiss Dash.

Meanwhle, Melendez looks at Claire's notes and gets an idea.

Melendez tells Claire right approach, different method. They need to go in trhough the back. Finn agrees. Shaun thinks this would be sortsighted and reckless.

Melendez accuses Shaun of undermining him.  Shaun insists his opinion is valid and says he's going home and doesn't want to do the wrong surgery.. He goes home.

Melendez tells Shaun he is not walking out on his patient. Shaun doesn't care about anything.  Melendez tells him he's had his heart broken twice in the last few years. He came to work and pretended everything was fine until he felt better. Shaun doesn't find that helpful. Melendez tells him to go back inside or he's fired..Shaun goes back in.

Lim tells farm guy he had a clot and needs to be on blood thinners, so they can't do reconstructive surgery and have to amputate. Farm guy says no. He wants to be who he is. Lim says he will still be tough after the amputation. He says okay.

Shaun watches as Finn semi-flirts with a nurse. Finn suggests the nurse go out with Shaun. The nurse goes. Shaun says he's not interested. Claire doesn't think Shaun needs a newrelationship. Finn gets a text ad runs away. Natalie is outside with a baseball bat, angry because she met Finn's other girlfriend. She smashes up his car. Claire says FInn must get back to bed now.

Lim finds Morgan in an empty OR. Morgan says she is appreciating what this place is. Lim tells her to scrub in. She tells Lim it will be her last surgery and she has RA.

Shaun takes care of Natalie's hand.He doesn't understand why she did that   She says she ended the relationship on her terms and it made her feel better

In the OR, Shaun likes Natalie and everyone else thinks she's insane. There s a problem with the surgery. Meanwhile, Morgan assists on the amputation. Lim wants Morgan to do a difficult part of the procedure despite Andrews' objections.

Finn stabalizes but Shaun is concerned that they paralyzed him. Claire has an idea that Shaun approves of.

Glassman talks to Shaun about some girl he liked in high school and didn't go to school for a week. Then he made a list of all the things that annoyed him about her. But that didn't make a difference either. He thinks maybe it would help to know that what Shaun is going through everyone has gone through. 

Farm guy is introduced to his prosthetic arms. He thinks they are cool. He has trouble opening a bottle of water but eventually does. Morgan looks sad.

Andrews tells Lim she wanted him to be her mentor but is threatened by her. She thinks he's having a hard time giving up being Chief of Surgery.

Finn is able to lift his arms. He asks how Natalie's  hand is. He says she's a good person. He loved that she was spirited. He tells Shaun there are a lot of people out there and don't get stuck on the idea of a soulmate.

Claire tells Melendez she isn't sure Finn's surgery was worth the risk. Melendez says she reminds him why he got into medicine.

Glassman comes to talk to Morgan. He tells her he thinks she's making the right call. She says she doesn't think it is. She's going to keep operating as long as she can. Glassman thinks  that's stupid and she should just pick another passion. Morgan isn't interested in his opinion.

Shaun goes to a bar and stands around awkwardly and downs a shot. He runs into that nurse. He takes another shot and says she has beautiful eyes.

Dash wants to go to Yosemite with Claire.  She seems distant. She says she's tired and will call it an early night. Dash says they don't have to go out. 

Lea finds Shaun outside with a baseball bat. He says he wants to smash her car up. He's all upset but can't do it. He says she acted like she cared about him but doesn't respect him.  He calls her selfish and prejudiced then goes away. Lea is crying.

Claire goes to her therapy session but doesn't want to talk. She says she thinks she's in love with her boss.








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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Man: Let's do this. I'm gonna need another surgery. Was is this? My 10th?
Andrews: 11th.

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Shaun: I wish I was normal.
Claire: Everyone wishes they were normal. You need to get up and shower and shave and go to work and not because your patients need you, but because it will make you feel better.