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Melendez wants to go back to work but Claire insists he go to the hospital.

Shaun isn't happy to get Lea on the radio. He says the water should be a priority for the rescue workers. He has an hour to survive. He starts working on freeing Vera and asks her why she broke up with her ex to distract her. She was honest. He wasn't.

Lim and Park work on their patient, but he is going to bleed out and/or be brain dead if they continue due to his injuries.

Claire finds Melendez has no brain issues but he confuses where they were and she checks under his gown and finds internal bleeding.

Andrews is angry that Morgan is doing surgery, accuses her of wanting to be a hero, and sends her away while he takes over.

Shaun and Vera keep talking. Shaun thinks giving up is failing. Vera thinks that it just means moving on to victory elsewhere. Shaun tries to slow the water flow but the opposite happens.

Claire shows Lim Melendez's scans. They go to talk to him. He needs abdominal surgery. Turns out he needs a bowel recession.'

Park tells Casey he's going to die. They try to get his dad on satellite. His dad can't hear him saying he's sorry and then the signal is lost. Park demands they get it back.

Andrews tells Morgan he sees she isn't selfish anymore but she's destroyed her hands.

Casey tells Park he killed his mother.  He knew she was addicted to pain pills but said nothing. He becomes delerious and thinks Park is his father. Park says he knew too. Casey passes out.

Shaun refuses to leave without Vera. He tries to cut through her leg to free her. Vera appears to be drowning. Lea loses signal with Shaun.

Melendez is dying. He sends CLaire away.  Lim wants to do more surgery. Glassman tells her it's time to let go.

Shaun and Vera are found, and Vera looks dead, but somehow Shaun is just fine. It turns out Vera is alive and Shaun and Lea kiss because she now knows what he means to her.

Melendez dies after he and Claire say they love each other.



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Lim: Try shifting to the right.
Park: There's no place to go.
Lim: Close him up and let's go in from the side.
Park: Is that gonna work? Cause it's gonna be difficult.
Lim: Let's hope so, cause this way is impossible.

This isn't my usual place in a speeding ambulance.