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Claire is having trouble walking up when her alarm goes off at 6:30. All of a sudden this guy came in and had ade her breakfast. She's not hungry. Apparently she did some Molly last night in addition to drinking. The guy notices she is a doctor and says he had fun. He can tell she's not interested and goes.

Shaun shows up at Debbie and Glassman's. Shaun says he will wait for Glassman to get out of the shower and sits down on the porch.  He tells Debbie that the pink roses are for passion and the purple lilies are for devotion. HE feels both and doesn't know which to give Carly. Debbie gets him to choose the purple flowers.

Claire gets to work and the guy she was with has been in a car accident. 

Shaun asks Carly in front of everyone if she wants to have sex tonight. He says yes.

A patient has migraines or possibly a stroke. She needs and MRI.

The patient starts coding and Claire suggests he might be on MMDA. Melendez tells her it's a good call.

Shaun tells Morgan about his plan to have sex with Carly while they are waiting for the MRI. No clots, bleeds, etc. The patient did not have a stroke but is having a seizure in the MRI machine. Morgan gives her diazapam. Shaun realizes the problem is in the patient's bladder. She has tumors in her bladder. The first attack came from her having sex (according to Shaun).

Melendez says that when the MMDA goes out of his system, the guy needs an aortic graft. Claire suggests a stent instead. MElendez agrees. He says Claire should get consent from the guy's wife.

They will have to remove the cancer patient's vagina/clitoris. She can have children but can't have sex. She wonders what if she doesn't have the surgery. Morgan says she has a 2% chance of an attack every time she has sex. Shaun calculates that's a 95% chance of an attack given the frequency of sex. The woman wants to take her chances. She does NOT want this surgery.

Melendez goes up to Lim, who has a ton of meetings and tells him they're fine but she's busy.

The wife tells Park she trusts him. A little girl comes up and asks if her dad will be okay. Claire reassures her.

The patient recognizes Claire and his smile fades when she comes in. She tells him about the stent and says everything is looking perfect. His daughter hugs him. She asks why he didn't come home and the wife says he was at Uncle Jeff's. Claire leaves, upset.

Morgan can't help herself and says her patient needs to know where the hospital is at all times and informs the husband he is being selfish by allowing her not to have the surgery.

The wife tells Claire she suspects her husband is having an affair. Claire holds it together enough to tell her that she should be thinking about her husband's health right now.

Shaun and Carly kiss. Shaun takes off Carly's shirt but he wants to take off his shirt himself. They kiss more. Shaun has a hard time getting Carly's bra off. He gets scared when she tries to kiss him without her bra on. All of a sudden Shaun wants to go watch TV. Carly watches him go, sadly.

Shaun talks to Glassman. Glassman thinks he is confused. Shaun says he wasn't. He was upset because Carly has an incomplete heart tattoo. Glassman thinks it's not about that. Debbie says they are backed up and Glassman needs to see his patients.

Morgan tries to ask Carly what happened. Carly is irritated with her. Morgan accuses her of seeing Shaun as a project. Carly tells her otherwise.

Shaun asks his patient why sex is so important to her. She talks about intimacy and telling your partner everything.

Morgan tries to talk to the husband who talks about a threesome in Miami. He says sex makes you real with someone. She says sex makes you stupid. She had the perfect man but then she met a guy, had a few drinks and got stupid. She lost her boyfriend. She thinks connection is important, not sex. The husband says he doesn't know if the relationship is enough without sex. Morgan tells him to lie to his wife.

Claire shows up an hour late. The patient gets this is awkward. He says he almost died in the accident. When he woke up all he could think about was his wife and child and how much he'd hurt them. So why is he going to keep cheating on his wife anyway? Claire tells him to leave his family. He says he can't.  He thinks she knows. She says she doesn't cheat. He says she was checking to see if he was married in the bar. He complains his leg is cold. She realizes there is a clot in his stent.

Debbie can ell Glassman is upset. She is sure it is about Shaun. Glassman says Debbie wanted him to give Shaun romantic advice and now won't let him. Debbie says Shaun is too dependent on Glassman. He needs to let Shaun struggle. Shaun has someone else in his life now.

Park asks Claire how she knows this guy. Claire says it doesn't affect her judgment. Park says if she hadn't been avoiding him they would have caught the clot earlier. Some of the guys will be trouble. Claire says she's not the one who took a vow. Park says that was the attitude someone took when she ruined his life.

Shaun shows up and Glassman says they need to set boundaries. They both ahve significant others who should be their priority. Shaun thinks this means they can't talk anymore. Glassman tells him there's a time and place for everything. He tells him  7 AM Tuesday for pancakes. Shaun liked it better when it was just the two of them.

Jeannie's vitals look good. Her husband comes in and gives her bug spray. He says not much went right that trip but the more things went wrong the closer he felt to her. THey can get through this too. Jeannie says sex has been their language. Shaun is listening as she explains that she's afraid that if they lose sex,, they won't have much. He tells her they will stilll have intimacy, etc. They love each other more than sex. Jeanne is going to have the surgery.

Melendez compliments Claire on catching the clot. She looks at Park and says it was a a team effort.

Morgan tells Andrews and Saun that Tony was lying when he said he loved Jeannie more than sex. Andrews thinks maybe it was more true than he realized.

Shaun and Carly are in bed together again, looking at each other naked. Carly asks what's wrong. Shaun says her tattoo being incomplete bothers him. She draws the other half of the heart and says she's got him. They begin kissing but Shaun is still upset. He says Dr. Glassman was right. It isn't the tattoo.

Claire tells the wife that her husband will be just fine. Claire says she no longer needs to feel guilty about questioning her husband. She deserves to know the truth.

Lim comes to see Melendez and tells him their relationship was a stupid idea in the first place, but she underestimated how hard this would be. She isn't sure what she is saying. Melendez is glad it's not easy and that he mattered. He walks away.

Carly explains what intimacy is. Shaun asks her what her biggest fears are. Carly says she is always filled with doubt when she works in the lab.  Shaun's biggest fear is of being alone, that she will leave him. She reaches for his hand. He takes it. She kisses him and says they don't have to have sex. They can just hold each other. Shaun thinks he would like that. Shaun gets anxious as Carly cuddles with him and runs away.

The wife fights with her husband and then slaps Claire in the face. Claire goes.

Debbie thinks Shaun needs Glassman right now.

Claire cries in the stairwell. Melendez comes and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Shaun meets Glassman outside his apartment. Glassman tells Shaun that his father has pancreatic cancer and may be dying.





The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Morgan: The pain medication we gave her could have caused her bladder to distend, but what caused the first attack?
Shaun: Sexual intercourse. The first tumor is in her clitoris.
Morgan: Having sex could kill this woman.

Debbie: Is there something I can help you with?
Shaun: The florist said pink roses are for devotion and purple lilies are for passion, but I feel both passion and devotion for Carly so I don't know which to give her.
Debbie: Why not give her both?
Shaun: I'll wait for Dr. Glassman to get out of the shower.