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Lea tells Shaun the garbage disposal is broken and she will call the landlord. Shaun mentions that the miscarriage wasn't unusual. Lea thinks they should get back to normal. She is glad Shaun is going back to work. She will do the same once she has physically healed. She is not okay but says she will be eventually.

At work, Park asks Shaun how he is feeling and how Lea is doing. Shaun says they need time. He repeats this to Lim who asks how he is also. He prefers working to taking a few days off. He sees a patient with acid reflux causing projectile vomiting.

Claire and Morgan see Claire's idol, who Claire voted for in the Presidential primary. She is having facial tics. Could be stress, could be something serious. Morgan insists on an MRI.

Park meets Artie and his surgeon -- who says Artie has heart failure after a bypass. Turns out he's Andrews' mentor and has lots to say about how they should proceed.

Artie calls Shuan into his room because he can't find his socks or the call button. He tells Shaun he has mild heart failure. His feet are freezing and Shaun has an idea about what's wrong with him.

Lea flips through channels looking sad. Her phone rings. It's her mom. She declines the call.

The plan is to use catheters to install a new valve. Shaun shows up out of nowhere and says this will kill him because Artie has cold feet, which he thinks is caused by a damaged vessel. He and the other doctor get into it and Shaun inadvertently insults the other doctor and keeps insisting this procedure will kill the patient.

Shaun undermines everything by going to Mr. Hill himself, which irks Andrews to the point that he tells Shaun that he is not thinking straight and should go home. Shaun still refuses. He leaves and the other doctor tells Andrews he would have fired him.

Marianne is talking to her husband and tells him everything is fine. She tells Claire and Morgan the shots are not working at all. Morgan and Claire tell her she has a torturous artery that can't be fixed surgically. Marianne doesn't want it to be caught on video and thinks the twitch will destroy her career.

Lea listens to music and then decides to go out.

Park finds Shaun hiding in the break room. He tells him not to make Andrews more angry. He thinks that once they see he's right they will forgive him. Park says they did the angio and Shaun was wrong.

Lea walks into the hospital in slo-mo with music in the background and we see a nurse giving her condolences before she goes into the elevator. Soe gets condolences from other people. A nurse tells her it happened to her too twice.

Claire wants to do the surgery on Marianne. Morgan thinks that's stupid and dangerous. She also predicts that Marianne will have excuses for not telling her husband about the surgery.

Andrews says that he got a second chance because of personal issues too.

Jordan comes to see Lea, who forces a smile. Lea declines another call from her mom. Jordan says she remembers when her grandma died and everyone brought her food. She's sorry for her loss.

Marianne doesn't want to tell her husband and wants to appoint her assistant as her health care surrogate instead.

Shaun is pacing around outside. Glassman comes to meet him. He doesn't understand why Shaun has not gone home yet.  He tells him he needs to go face the loss.

Marianne wants Claire to help her come up with a lie for her husband. Claire tells Mariannehow she inspired her at her high school graduation and reminds her what she said about Evie St Claire, a girl with facial abnormalities.  It turns out that that story was made up.

Shaun comes home. He says Glassman thinks they should talk. They sit in silence for a while. Lea says Glassman is not a counselor and is sometimes annoying. Lea's mom calls and Shaun answers the phone. Lea's mom wants to buy a stroller and a onesie and goes on and on. Shaun gets mad and tells her to shut up and hangs up on her.

Everyone is watching Cal. Claire is upset. Morgan goes on and on about how awful Marian is. Anyway Marian is not waking up but Cal says Marian just texted him.

Shaun tells Lea he is not behaving normally. She says neither is she. Shaun doesn't know how to face the loss and doesn't see the point.  He realizes what is wrong with Mr. Hill and runs to the OR. He insists that this procedure will kill Mr. Hill. Andrews threatens to call security but Shaun is proven right when the procedure begins. He will need surgery. Shaun is invited to join them.

Claire and Morgan look at brain scans. Claire realizes that Marian's brain stem is compressed. Marian stops breathing and is in need of intubation.

Cal wants to keep it secret that Marian is ill. He doesn't want her husband to end her career. Morgan and Claire think this is wrong.

Shaun helps with the surgery. They double check everything. All looks good. Andrews is annoyed that Shaun says the other doctor is good.

Meanwhile Marian is also undergoing surgery. There is temporal lobe swelling that is causing Marian to crash. Claire doesn't like Lim's approach because Marian will freak out if she becomes paralyzed. Claire has another idea.

Andrews' mentor is quitting surgery. He says he made a mistake by not double checking before he closed until the nurse asked him to. Shaun thinks it was a small mistake. Nakano says he always told himself when he started making small mistakes it was time to quit.

Marian awakens. Claire says it's all good now. Marian can tell she's mad at her. Claire is upset that her inspiration was fictional. Marian says that lie got a major bill passed so she's proud of it.

Andrews is going to have drinks with Nakano. He says he should be with him because Nakano is suffering a loss right now.

Claire takes Marian downstairs and says Marian must be lonely since she can't talk to her husband about anything. Marian denies it. Claire thinks that's another lie. Marian smiles at her. Marian goes to make a speech about climate change with another possibly made up child.

Shaun comes home and Lea cries while he holds her.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Artie: Artie Hill, and I have mild heart failure.
Park: How do you know you have mild heart failure?
Artie: I'm tired and I have palpitations.

Shaun: 10 to 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. What happened was not unusual.
Lea: You're right. The best thing to do is for us to get back to normal.