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Lea walks in on Shaun in the shower and startles him. He tells her they can't both shower at the same time. Lea tries to explain she wants to have sex. Shaun doesn't like that idea. 

Meanwhile, Lim has a bruise on her head and has sold her bike. She says she hit her head on a cupboard and that the bike was impractical. 

Claire's patient doesn't care about her husband being in the room.

Morgan treats some guy who has a lot of money and wants to spend it on his health. He collapses and has a perforated bowel.

The wife's partner is on the phone and talking about investments. Jordan asks him if he is a VC. She has a potential investment for him.

Claire has been asked out by a polyamorous man, Morgan encourages her.

In the OR Shaun wants to poll whether people should have sex in the shower. Everyone realizes he's talking about him and Lea. They discover the patient has a disease that usually only young babies have.

Shaun and Park ask the patient about his symptoms -- has anyone in his family had this disease? The guy says he modified his genetic code Park asks why he would do something so risky.  He and his wife plan to use genetic manipulation to live forever.

Claire tells her resident she will be supervising him in the future and seeing someone you work with is a bad idea. He says you thought it was a date? He just wants to get to know her. Claire texts Morgan who says of course it's a date.

Shaun comes home and finds Lea is putting together a ski machine she wants to sell. She says her ex sent it. She explains she got married too young and it was a mistake.

The doctors don't understand why anyone would want to live forever. The patient is looking forward to the adventure. 

Jordan suggests shoes to Olivia. She needs testimonials for the VC. Olivia thinks this is trivial. Jordan's offended.  Anyway, the news is bad.

The polyamorous guy thinks living 1000 years with the same person would be wrong. Anyway the guy appears to have polyneuropathy from this experiment. Andrews intends to love his wife as long as he lives but thinks everything breaks eventually.

Claire talks to her patient. The woman has cancer. She will need surgery to remove her thyroid. They should do it soon. The woman starts freaking out and can't breathe. It's because of the tumor.

The cancer patient's husband comes. He asks if it is cancer again. Claire tells him they're looking into causes, maybe a deepr issue, but they have removed her thyroid. He can't do this.  He feels like chemo is killing her but she might die without it. He is a workaholic who uses work to not think about losing her. 

Asher tells the patient the news. Shaun wants to know how he can still love Sophie after 1,000 years. The man is sure. Shaun keeps pushing it til Park tells him to stop.

Shaun asks Lea why she didn't mention her ex. She hasn't thought about him in years. He's not important. Shaun is freaking out about the fact that relationships change, she loved this guy and now she didn't, and goes into a rant about hurricanes before 1873.

Claire's patient feels guilty for having cancer even though she knows she didn't choose to have cancer. She says when her husband is scared he turns to his work. The hard part is not knowing what will cause her husband to break.

Claire and her resident have boiled coffee outside a caravan. He lives in it. He has no regrets about polyamory. He says it's not about sex, it's about commitment. He wants to ask her something. What's her favorite misheard song lyric? She laughs and admits this is nice. He doesn't believe in dating categories.

The gentically manipulated man has collapsed again. Shaun says they need a new diagnosis. Something is killing him.

The team tries to figure out what the problem is. They're stumped. The polyamorous guy suggests this never existed before so it is a new disease. Shaun suggests deposits could be along the nerves. They have to look at the spleen.

Morgan says this sounds like a date. Claire says Enrique is an idealist who wants emotional connection. Morgan says Claire pulls away when it's emotional intimacy involved. The patient has swallowed a ring after her fiance cheated. Anyway Morgan thinks Claire should give Enrique a chance. So does the patient.

The cancer patient is genetically predisposed to cancer. Andrews interrupts that Jordan's inserts are great.

The genetically engineered man's spleen is about to rupture so he needs surgery right away.

Olivia gives the patient the bad news that hte patient will continue to get cancer over and over. Jordan takes over and tells her most cancers are treatable. The patient is just worried about her husband.

Calcified lesions on the nerves. Park suggests they reverse the genetic manipulation. They need to use a virus to target his nerves. Maybe polio? Shaun gets an idea and walks off all of a sudden.

Claire talks to the woman's husband.  She will always have to be on her guard. Claire is concerned about the stress of the marriage impacting the patient's health. She thinks he should divorce Hannah before it gets worse.

Shaun is reading an old article that Glassman wrote about a failed experiment. He asks if Claire worries about losing the people she loves. Flaling out of love is a bad thing. Claire doesn't have any answers. Shaun comes up with a genetic treatment for the patient's malady. The patient doesn't want to reverse his genetic manipulations. Sophie has had enough. She doesn't want to watch him suffer. She asks the doctors to wait outside while she talks to him.

Shaun asks Park why Sophie wanted them to leave. Park is sue she is delivering an ultimatum. Sophie leaves. The patient has still refused treatment but will never get over losing Sophie.

Claire's patient is ready to be released. She is surprised her husband shows up. He is is selling his business so he can be with her.

Olivia is sorry that Jordan's VC contact has quit. Jordan says he did the right thing. Olivia wants to get the inserts.

Claire wants to be friends with Enrique but nothing more. He says if she changes her mind he'll be open to that too. She goes to have pizza and wine with Lim (random?)

Shaun has rules for having shower sex. He realized the problem is they need to change in the same direction. He has a cowbell for if they are changing in different directions. Anyway he is ready to have shower sex right now.

Claire comes to Lim and sees her smashed up bike behind her car.




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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jordan: I couldn't help overhearing. Are you a venture capitalist?
Man: The only people who ask me if I'm a VC are people who are looking for a VC to invest in their project.

Shaun: We can't both shower at the same time, Lea. One of us would constantly be blocking the water stream from the other.
Lea: Oh, this isn't for purposes of cleanliness. I want to have sex with you.
Shaun: Oh. That is uncomfortable and inconvenient.