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Lea is upset that her parents are coming for a surprise visit. Shaun doesn't really care. He feels this is typical behavior from them so it isn't a surprise. Lea texts him a ton of subjects to avoid.

Meanwhile, a teenage gymnast needs an imaging scan right away.

Andrews is talking to Olivia, who does not want special attention. He wants to help her. She's struggling.

Looking at the scans, Shaun says the girl must quit gymnastics because she has osteoperosis.

The girl needs spinal fusion surgery and a different diet. The father wants to wait so she can compete. Shaun says that leads to a 20% chance of death. The father leaves it up to the girl. She won't give up her dream.

Claire goes to see Lim who says they won't win a lawsuit if Claire goes against the father's wishes. Also she doesn't agree that she has PTSD and claims to be dealing with her issues.

The father has had severe heartburn for a year. He doesn't listen to Jordan and insists Daria working so hard at gymnastics is like the doctors taking 36-hour shifts. He collapses and apparently has an aortic aneurysm and fluid in his chest. They have to do emergency surgery right there.

In the OR the doctors argue about the best approach as usual. Olivia thinks a feeding tube is needed. Andrews suggests something else that will buy time.

The doctors later discuss parents and Daria calling her Dad Coach. Claire is of the opinion that family is supposed to make you anxious and of course Enrique thinks calling your parents by anything but their first name is stupid.

Daria has cardiac arrhythmia, surprising Shaun because the residents didn't make any mistakes. 

Andrews and Olivia argue. Meanwhile, Claire and Shaun discuss the case. Claire asks if Shaun is okay. She knows Lea is scared. Shaun says he must prepare himself for her parents not to like. Claire thinks he is a great person and has been preparing for this for his entire life. Shaun says he should practice meeting Lea's parents. 

Morgan and Glassman sit in and pretend to be Lea's parents. Morgan is obnoxious and insists it's in character. Glassman pretends to be the father. Shaun says he doesn't know what is pointless because facts are facts. Glassman says this won't work. The problem is what happens when Lea's parents express real concerns? That's what's important. He goes on about how this relationship is moving too fast. Shaun accuses Glassman of not liking Lea.

Morgan comes to see Olivia and goes on about how losers think staying up all night makes them better doctors. Olivia is trying to find a new way to help the patient. She's trying to be impressive like Jordan.  Morgan tells her to be herself in a particularly obnoxious way.

Lim is not happy Claire shows up to help her and insists she doesn't need help.

The doctors want to know why Daria has excess estrogen in her system. She insists she's not taking steroids and coach/Dad is not pressuring her. Asher tells her she can't fix her heart by being stubborn. Enrique says she's not, she's just going to stop taking whatever she's been taking. What is it?

Daria took drugs to make her breasts larger. She got tired of what the boys thought. Her father only cares about what if she had gotten banned from doing this. He thinks this is childish. Daria says it wasn't. Her father realizes she's not an adult. He gives permission for the spinal fusion. Daria is upset and says he only cares about gymnastics. She's filing for emancipation so she can make her own decisions.

Park suggests tea tubes. Andrews doesn't like that. Jordan has innovative ideas but too much for Andrews. He asks Olivia for her opinion. She suggests using the patient's own tissue to repair the leak. She is nervous but holds her own. Andrews seems pleased with her.

At the real dinner,n o one is talking. Finally Lea's mom asks Shaun what is his specialty. He rambles about some surgeons being arrogant. She asks if it is hard for him. Lea interjects that Shaun is excellent in his job. Father is worried about vaccines and think they cause autism. Lea jumps in that they are wrong -- want to talk about religion? Shaun manages to make them laugh. The father likes Shaun.

Lim and Claire go to a bar together. Lim says she went to see a psychiatrist once and got meds. Lim says Claire dealt with her issues on her own terms. Why can't Lim do that too? Claire says being self-destructive is not a choice. Lim doesn't want to talk to her anymore and starts to go. She suddenly has a PTSD flashback but says she wants to go home. Claire says let me give you a ride. Lim shoves her, then throws her keyes in the fountain. Now no one can drive home.

Andrews praises Olivia during the surgery.  There is a complication -- an abscess in the stomach. Olivia and Jordan argue about what to do.

Shaun says he found a nice steakhouse for Lea's father. Lea says her parents don't think she's mature enough to be in this relationship. She feels insulted. Shaun says people who meet him are usually uncomfortable. He tries to be patient.

Lim says Daria must make a decision for her father. Daria is scared to make this decision and doesn't know what to do. Lim makes the decision and says someone will take her to her father when he's out of surgery.

Claire and Lim argue again and Claire says Lim will keep acting like her mom til she does something. Lim says she's not Claire's responsibility and owes her nothing.

Shaun goes to see Lea's parents. Father says this is a family matter. Shaun says he loves Lea. Her parents say that they know Lea better and she does things to get under their skin. Shaun says he's different than past boyfriends. Mom doesn't thnk that's a good thing. Shaun says all they know are her past mistakes and that they're afraid they weren't good parents. He and Lea go through challenges together. He suggests maybe this challenge will make their relationship with Lea stronger too.

The father wakes up to find Daria there. She asks if he still thinks she should have the surgery. He does. He's benn scared since her mother died. He thinks she is an amazing athlete and thought he was giving her what she needed but he was wrong. 

Glassman sees Lea somewhere while getting coffee. He tells her he does like her. He calls her cynical. She says he's grouchy and can't give a compliment. He says she's funny, smart, and makes Shaun happy but he's worried that Shaun could get hurt. She considers Glassman Shaun's parent. Glassman says with everything Shaun has gone through, he feels every high and low Shaun experiences. He won't stop worrying. Lea cleans off his tie.

Andrews tells Olivia he's proud of how she stepped up. She says she doesn't remember giving him that rock when she was five. His memory is of his dream, not hers. She thinks he wants her to be Jordan. She wants to be herself and he can't help her do that. He's gonna brag about her anyway. She hugs him.

Lea's parents are at the door. Shaun doesn't know whether to let them in. Lea asks what he thinks. He thinks they were good parents and they should have dinner with them. 

Claire tells Glassman she was diagnosed with PTSD last year and she is worried that Lim is having similar issues. Glassman says that she shouldn't be telling him this. Claire is telling him because she has no place else to turn. She thinks it's Glassman's job to protect the hospital.


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Olivia: Uncle Marcus, we had a deal. No special attention.
Andrews: That deal is off. You're struggling.

Lea: Remember how I told you my parents drop in unannounced?
Shawn: Hmm
Lea: I just got a text that they're coming over tomorrow.
Shawn: Okay.
Lea: No, it's not okay. This isn't a visit. It's an ambush.