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Shaun looks bored while Salen goes on and on about how great patient feedback will be for them to look at. Asher is 3rd highest in the department but Jordan is 2nd (apparently making up for Morgan and Park). Meanwhile Morgan somehow gets a review saying she's sweet and kind and cares a lot about patients. She suggests she and Park roleplay (yes, the flirty kind) to help him with his reviews.

Salen thinks Lim should aim higher. Also by the way Mateo was called away in an emergency in Guatemala. Salen wants to be informed about future absences.

Meanwhile Shaun has the lowest ranking because people find his voice and manner creepy. He doesn't want Lea to talk to Salen as these reflect actual opinions.

There is a patient with kidney failure from Guatemala. The patient reveals Mateo has slept with many patients.

An Asian man insists his broken jaw is an accident, while his daughter says it was an anti-Asian attack by some kids. Anyway the man suddenly is unable to breathe.

Park is upset about the hate crime during the man's emergency surgery. The patient's heart rate drops but pulling back on the anesthesia fixes it. But Shaun needs to get a good review from both of them.

Lim is washing up. Salen brags about saving money by lowering the water pressure. Also she doesn't like that Lim didn't inform her about an uninsured patient.

Shaun decides to interview the wedding planner about whether her language is hyperbolic to try to learn how to get high customer service scores.

Lim tells Andrews that it may be Thursday before Mateo is back. Anyway, there is a massive aneurysm cutting off air flow -- and several other ones. The patient's arteries are all defective.

Morgan interrupts Park to ask him to take her on a date to a medical lecture about fungus. Park would rather role play. Also Morgan tells him to speak to the patient so that his scores can go up.

The Asian man still doesn't want to report the crime. His daughter does.  Shaun tries to tell them both they are wise in a failed attempt to up his scores. The father does not want to make a statement and thinks it's stupid that his daughter is a community organizer. The man's heart rate drops again all of a sudden.

Apparently the Asian man has an inoperable tumor. Shaun is worried about his review and wants to find a surgical solution but it's time for his tux fitting.

The Guatemalan woman is at risk of stroke etc from all these aneurysms. She wants Lim to ask Mateo to tell her family if she dies.

Shaun and Park discuss the case while being fitted for a tux. The salesman thinks Shaun looks like a little boy in his tux. He explains that you tell the truth and then follow up with a compliment.

Shaun calls Glassman to tell him he's late. Glassman tells him he is in Montana and not sure when he will be back. He may be staying in Montana a while. Meanwhile Shaun gets annoyed by a buzzing sound, but it give shim an idea.

Shaun explains that they can use fluorescent light to find the canerous cells and remove them. But the man will be paralyzed. The man doesn't want the surgery.

Lim brings the Guatemalan patient food. The patient isn't sure she'd be so kind to her boyfriend's ex. She can't picture Mateo here.  They talk about their experiences with Mateo. The woman lost Mateo because he had to go on a rescue mission elsewhere in the world.

Later Lim texts Mateo to ask if he will be back Wednesday but deletes it.

Morgan complains that Park left her alone at a party where she was trying to network on his behalf. He feels his scores are too average. Morgan thinks he shies away from the spotlight too much.

Asher tries to bond with Lim who says she was just up late prepping for surgery. It turns out Andrews transferred Rosa elsewhere. Lim is angry but Andrews says they can't allocate limited resources based on personal feelings. Lim accuses him of wanting to just crawl up Salen's ass. Andrews claims he's the only one protecting the patient. Lim goes to call County.

Emily interrupts the doctor's meeting to try to find out why her dad is still in the hospital. He tells her she is not allowed here but her sweater is nice. She runs away.

Park goes outside to talk to Emily. He thinks she should talk to her father. She doesn't think her dad will tell her the truth. Park tells her about his dad.  Her dad was similar, built up his hardware store from nothing. She gets he had to be strong and that it helps him to deny that he's being bothered but that makes people who are struggling feel messed up and alone. Park thinks maybe her dad is trying to protect her but she's a fighter too and needs to fight for him.

Jordan talks to the father in the meantime. He says that as a child Emily would hide behind the counter if a customer said something mean. He thinks this is the way it is, he would sell hammers to people who hated him. He doesn't want Emily to be hurt. He has to be strong for her.

Asher wants to assist on the surgery at County. Lim says that will just piss off Salen. Asher realized Mateo is not coming back. He tells her how he heard she was tough but fair before he got into this program. He would hate for her to put everything on the line for someone who isn't willing to do the same for her. Lim thanks him but doesn't want him to ever give her advice again.

Shaun realizes that Park was able to get through because he is an outsider like Emily and her father. But Emily interrupts and says she understands she has to support her dad's decision. Shaun thinks Park and Jordan have made things worse.

Shaun rants to Lea that he can't seem to connect with people even though he is an outsider too. Lea thinks the scores are triggering his feelings about not having friends as a kid. She wants to talk to Salen. Shaun asks if she thinks he can't improve his scores. She is sure he can. He gets a page and has to go.

The Asian man is having a seizure and not breathing. He will have to go into a medically induced coma until the tumor kills him. Emily is upset. Park says she is his medical proxy and can give permission for the surgery. But she says he made it clear he doesn't want to live weakened. He would hate her. Shaun says that is irrational. Being liked doesn't matter. What matters is saving her dad's life. Emily walks off upset.

Rosa says she told Mateo not to screw up things with Lim. He is supposedly going to be back soon.

Shaun calls Glassman and leaves a long voicemail and is interrupted by Emily who says he was right and she wants to do the surgery. Shaun goes back to his voicemail.

The patient awakens with a good prognosis. Emily tells him she knows he may never forgive her but at least he is still here on the planet with her. He looks stunned. He says her decision took a lot of strength.

Rosa's surgery is also a success. Lim asks how it ended between her and Mateo. Rosa explains Mateo always went on medical missions without warning. One time he never came back. She waited for a long time, too long. Lim thanks her.

Meanwhile Morgan is working on a research application. Park doesn't want to help. He hopes that him being less ambitious than her won't be a problem. Will her achievements ever be enough for her?

Lea reads some of the feedback that Shuan has received. She calls Glassman and tells him that Shuan needs him. She decides to omit some of the negative records.

Salen goes to see Andrews who says transferring Rosa was the right call. But yeah it made him feel crappy. She says a colleague made her take a sociopath test, which she isn't. She's just committed. She thinks Andrews thinks like someone who knows how to be in charge so why isn't he? Andrews says the board made a bad call. She invites Andrews to dinner but feelings don't influence business for her. He accepts her invitation. She rambles about the food at her favorite restaurant.

Lim tries to call Mateo and gets his voicemail. She says if he's coming back she'll see him Thursday but don't come back for her.

Shaun surprises Lea with flowers. He has found allergen-free flowers and says he has gotten new scores that have been elevated, so therefore his efforts have been effective. Lea looks guilty.



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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Salen: I don't have a problem with Mateo. I have a problem with you flying in an uninsured patient without informing me.
Lim: Do I still have the autonomy to run my department or not?
Salen: You should think of yourself as more than just the head of a department. You are part of the Epicure family.

Asher: This chart looks like it's from 1985.
Lim: Try Guatemala. Mateo sent us here because they didn't have the equipment there.