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Shaun and Lea look at the poster. Lea thinks it's a nice photo.

Shaun tells Salen he doesn't approve but she says that he shouldn't be ashamed of ASD and she has the right to use his image.

Andrews thinks representation is good. Mateo agrees this is tokenism.

Meanwhile, a patient has asked for Shaun. His daughter has a bowel obstruction and the father has researched extensively. Shaun tells him to stop looking things up on the Internet.

Morgan sees a woman who has come back from India with a cough that has been getting worse and now has shortness of breath. Morgan says she hears no air in the left tlung.

Glassman is working on his car in his garage when Salen shows up. She has scheduled a bunch of press interviews for Glassman. She wants his support. She has scripted some positive things for him to say. Glassman is not interested and closes the garage door so he can get back to his car.

Shaun tries an experiment during surgery. Mateo doesn't accept $2 out of 10 from Andrews, which Shaun thinks is irrational.

The woman with the lung issue has two months to live unless she gets a lung transplant. She hasn't seen her son since he was 12 but wants him to know she's dying.

Shaun has a list of fallacies/biases that Lea points out all undermine Salen and is not the point.

It turns out that the girl's father was right about her diagnosis.

The woman's son comes. Why is he here? Mom says she may be dying. He wonders if she feels bad about what she did. She does. She wanted to keep in touch but he said it was too painful. He thinks she's blaming him. Morgan interrupts. There's a potential match.

Salen thinks Walt should be treated like a consulting physician. Shaun chases after her and says Walt is not a doctor. Salen doesn't care. She doesn't see why they should treat Walt like a family member and not a doctor.

Morgan and Park argue about whether the woman is a terrible mother. Park says at least he stayed in his son's life, unlike this woman.

There is a lot of tension in a meeting with Walt who doesn't want to have Holly's intestines removed. Walt has another idea which Shaun doesn't like and Andrews agrees because Walt won't approve their more drastic surgical options.

The donor lung has cancer so that's a no go.

The only way this can move forward is if Henry offers part of his lung.

Holly is not happy to be sick but is glad to be out of school where kids make fun of her for being sick. Shaun doesn't think Walt's idea is good. Walt tells Holly to trust him.

Lea goes to see Glassman. She thinks he's still here because of Shaun so why is he not helping him?

The woman is maxed out on oxygen and needs a bi-pap machine. Henry wants to do the living donor transplant. Mom doesn't want it. She won't let him hurt himself to help her. Henry says now you care how I feel? They fight over why she left. She left because she hated herself. The panic she had when she first brought him home from the hospital never went away. Eventually she ran away but she knew his father would love him in a way she never could and he'd be okay. He doesn't appreciate that. He wanted her to be there every day when he came home from school. Mom can't breathe all of a sudden. Meanwhile Holly is puking up blood. Bowel is perforated. Walt realizes he was wrong.

Mom is now on a ventilator and unconscious. If she has no living will, Henry has power of attorney. Park argues that there's a conflict of interest and that the mother said she didn't want it. Lim says do the transplant. It's up to her son. But Morgan better hope this works.

Shaun can't do his plan from before. Walt talks about a case report he read. Mateo says that isn't enough. Walt suggests tubes above and below. Shaun says that doesn't make sense. Walt says help me find a way to do it but he melts down when Walt won't stop snapping. Andrews makes Shaun go. Andrews says Shaun was inappropriate but right. Walt wants to be the one to tell Holly.

Park and Morgan argue over technique. Park thinks Morgan has been emotional and unfair this whole case. Morgan tells him to shut up. She says she has been injecting herself with hormones to freeze her eggs. Park says why didn't she tell him? Because they just got together, that's why (typical Morgan). Shockingly, she admits she's not the most unselfish person and doesn't know if she'd be a good mom. No one would defend her if she made bad choices. She leaves before Park can respond.

Glassman meets with Shaun. He says Andrews is not going to put this in Shaun's file. Shaun has 30 bullet points to give to Salen. Glassman thinks they should talk them through.  Shaun says he was right about Holly but couldn't convince Walt. Maybe he won't be able to convince Salen he's right about the billboard either.

Glassman goes to see Salen who insists that Shaun is stronger than he thinks. Glassman will do the interviews if she will let Shaun think he convinced her to take the billboard down.

Walt talks to Holly. Holly doesn't want the surgery. She said Walt promised her he'd fix this. Walt is sorry. Shaun is watching from afar as they hug.

Holly tells Shaun she thought he was different and that's why she asked for him,because of the billboard. He was different like her and he'd think different.  She is wheeled away.

Walt watches in the OR theatre.

Shaun comes to see Lea. He says he was wrong about the billboard. Lea says that's good, right? Shaun says he thought it was dumb but it turns out that his ASD inspired Holly. And he wasn't fair to Walt the whole time. He yelled at him. Maybe Walt's idea did work. Shaun does his visualization thing and runs to the OR. He says use a feeding tube as a pressure valve and that Walt was right. Walt agrees to this plan and to Shaun assisting.

The surgery appears to be a success. Walt is grateful. Holly thinks Walt would be a great doctor. Shaun says Walt had some great ideas and some bad ones and is a good father.

Meanwhile Henry's mother wakes up and asks what happened. Henry says he didn't want her to die. She wants to make it up to him. She'll move to CA. He says she won't be happy. She says she doesn't deserve to be happy or for him to love her. Henry says he acted out when she left. He fought with Dad all the time but his father reminded him that he was going to love him no matter what.

Glassman is very wooden as he talks to a podcast host on the phone. He says all of a sudden they have to do this another time and leaves. He looks at the billboard of Shaun and goes in. He is upset Salen didn't take down the billboard. He doesn't believe Shaun wants the billboard now. She shows him the email she got from Shaun. He just wants his hair parted on the correct side.

Meanwhile Park tells Morgan he's not young and doesn't want to be a dad again but that was before he fell for her so he'll do what it takes whatever he decides. She wants him to give her her hormone shot.

Shaun now wonders if maybe he's wrong about the hair part being on the wrong side but Lea thinks it does look off.

Glassman finds a note from Lea. She cleaned and repaired his car. Glassman starts the car, then gets his bags and goes out on the open road.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

There is nothing irrational about wanting to increase the fairness in the world.


Shaun: The billboard will inspire no one. And it has inverted my hair part which is on the wrong side.
Salen: Think of a random number between 1 and 10. Did you choose 7?
Shaun: I don't know what you think this proves.
Salen: We are not as rational as we think. I change my decisions all the time.
Shaun: I would like you to change this one then and take down the billboard.