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Shaun gets halfway down the hall before realizing he forgot something. He comes back into his apartment where he hears a noise and discovers Lea is using a vibrator. He offers to have sex with her. Lea says she's good. Shaun leaves.

In the hospital, a woman comes in with her partner. She collapsed at the airport. She says she has no insurance. She's a photographer who has been traveling for work. She needs a chest x-ray.

Morgan sees someone with severe hemorrhoids.

Asher thinks the couple they just saw is cute. Yes, he is looking for a boyfriend. He is only going to date guys who check all the boxes. Anyway, they look at the chest x-ray and it looks like the patient has cancer.

Lea meets Shaun at the cafeteria and awkwardly she was telling him she was boosting her own morale. Shaun says but they have satisfying sex -- is this because they didn't have sex in 9 days? Lea hasn't been counting but it was a stressful few months. Shaun wonders why she didn't want to have sex with him. Lea said it wasn't that, she just woke up and wanted to take the edge off. Shaun asks if it's the same as when they are together. Lea says it's not as good but it's faster. She says it's not a substitute for being with him. He was busy when she wanted to have sex. Shaun is upset that she didn't ring the cowbell.

Shaun goes to see the hemorrhoids patient. He says she need surgery right away. The woman is upset to hear there will be no sex for six weeks after the surgery.

Park talks to the patient, who is more concerned about whether her insurance will cover it than anything. She's not happy that her partner called the insurance company. She tells him her insurance didn't lapse. She lost it because she's undocumented.

Jordan and Shaun discover their patient has escaped and call a code green.

They can't find the patient anywhere. Shaun blurts out that he and Lea have not had sex in nine days. Jordan suggests he schedule it. The patient makes a noise from the women's room.

Meanwhile, it is time for Tori's biopsy. She's sorry she didn't tell Isaac. Also her DACA application was rejected because she was arrested for a marijuana DUI which she claims was bogus. She starts coughing up blood and needs to be taken to the OR right away.

Jordan's patient is hiding in the toilet because she's scared. She had a date that will now have to wait and she's a 45-year-old virgin. She thinks maybe she didn't have sex because of her obsession with Jane Austen. Jordan tells her she doesn't have to be ashamed. The woman tells her that she has a date with an old friend named Victor. He was honored to go out with her. She's afraid she may never have sex and doesn't want to have surgery before she does.

Shaun tells Glassman about his problem with Lea. He wants to know Glassman's sex life secrets. Glassman tells him something about a car he tried to drive and was hitting the brake and accelerator at the same time. Sex is the same. A nurse interrupts to complain about the nursing schedule. Glassman tells her to try Andrews and gets back to the conversation. Another nurse interrupts with an issue. Apparently Andrews is too busy to take care of anything.

Glassman tells Shaun maybe he should leave his work at the door and be romantic. Shaun wants to know how many candles to light. Shaun says he will try. Shaun leaves and another doctor comes along to complain to Glassman.

Lim tells the surgical team that she had an undocumented aunt. Asher thinks it's wrong that the patient didn't tell her fiance. Park informs Asher that relationships are hard. The patient turns out not to have cancer, but have a fungus that they just released into the blood stream.

Jordan doesn't see why they can't let the patient go home for one night. Shaun says it's too risky. Morgan decides she has to tell them about her first time  and how she didn't like it. Jordan suggests they bring VIctor here before the surgery.

Tori has Valley Fever. They will give her an infusion.

Glassman comes to see Andrews, who says he had to establish boundaries. Glassman tells him there is broken glass in the lab. Andrews wants to know what Glassman wants. Glassman wants to create a softball team to improve morale. Andrews says fine, but next time make an appointment. Glassman leaves.

Asher is busy looking at guys' photos. A nurse wants to try to get Isaac back to the hospital. Isaac is ghosting Tori. The nurse and Asher argue about whether it's Asher's place to get Isaac to come see his soon-to-be-in-pain fiancee.

Jordan has got flowers and some painkillers for her patient. Her patient remembers her mom trying to talk to her about sex when she was young. Why is she so scared now? Jordan says it's special because it makes you vulnerable.

Lea comes home to a lot of candles and wine. Shaun plans on giving her a massage. He's been practicing on a pillow.

Shaun gives Lea a massage and offers her a chocolate. Lea falls asleep while he is getting her the chocolate.

Asher watches a slideshow of Tori's photos while he examines her. She wanted to show that undocumented people are not all sad cases. She doesn't want Asher to bother trying to call Isaac. If he can't support her, she doesn't want him here. Asher tells her the story of how he told a boy in his Yeshiva he was gay and he became his first boyfriend. His boyfriend pushed him to come out and his dad lost it. Micah never even told his parents, so Asher stopped talking to him. He goes on and on about how he missed Micah and realizes now he must have been scared. Tori crashes. She has a collapsed lung.

Lim and her team are finishing up with Tori but the nurse tells Lim that Tori's kidneys are failing. They need to clear the fungus before they can operate on her kidneys.

Victor arrives. Shaun gives him the chocolates minus the one he ate to give to Brenda so that he won't waste time in the gift shop. Victor comes in and Brenda hopes this isn't too strange. Jordan goes out to guard the door. Shaun says not to be too loud. Left alone in the room, Brenda and Victor look at each other.

Andrews refuses to be on the team. Glassman says that Andrews is not well liked lately and is not being a good boss. He needs to show he's on the staff's team and maybe then they will also stop bothering him.

Shaun hides behind a door and Lea accidentally opens it on him.

Lea suggested a planned surprise. Shaun says that Jordan recommended a schedule. Lea thinks that is a buzzkill. Shaun goes to check if Victor is finished.

Meanwhile Tori is throwing up. Isaac turns up after all. He says she lied to him and he doesn't know what's going on anymore. Tori admits she should have told Isaac the truth. She hopes he understands why she didn't. Crying causes her to have a seizure.

Jordan whispers to Shaun that she expected them to be done by now. They come in and Victor is stuck inside Brenda. Shaun reassures them that once Brenda's pelvic walls relax they can uncouple.

Lea rings the cowbell when Shaun is at his locker, startling him. She tells him that her parents had scheduled sex and she doesn't want to be like them. Shaun says but they have been married 42 years and he thinks it's nice they want to touch each other. He has to go do the surgery.

Park tells Tori and Isaac that Tori is improving now that they did the surgery. Isaac apologizes to Tori for taking so long.

Shaun says the surgery was a success. Victor comes to see Brenda and asks if he can visit again next month when he is in town again.

Nurse Wendell brings Asher hospital food. Asher thanks him for pushing him earlier. Nurse Wendell invites him to get tamales together. Asher is surprised to discover the nurse is gay.

At the baseball game, Shaun and Lea leave early because they are on a schedule. A nurse and Andrews start talking.

At home, Lea tells Shaun this feels weird. Shaun says he gave away the chocolates to Victor. Lea laughs when she hears about what happened. She can't stop laughing as she and Shaun kiss.

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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Asher: I've decided to only date guys who check all the boxes.
Park: So your plan is to be more open by being more closed?

Shaun: You are masturbating.
Lea: I thought you left.
Shaun: I could take the next bus if you would like to have sex right now.