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At a potluck at the hospital, Shaun refuses to take any food, while Morgan has ideas about furniture placement. Andrews is trying everything. Lim is worried about everyone leaving for NY.

Shaun is called away to take care of a patient whose toe has been cut off. Meanwhile, Asher's boyfriend has friends coming from out of town but Asher is not invited.

In the OR, Lim hiccups then thinks she sees a snake coming out of the patient. She throws up.

Shaun returns to the main floor where everyone is acting weird. Morgan tells Shaun there was some sort of toxin at the potluck. Lea gives Shaun a tackle hug. Asher rambles about his boyfriend not wanting him to meet his friends. Park wants Morgan to put the recliner in the living room.

Shaun examines Lea who has an elevated temperature and is talking in a baby voice.

Meanwhile there is a storm in NY so the rest of the staff can't get back. Andrews gets sick while telling the remaining coherent staff to look into what commonalities there are between the sick staff members.

Glassman says that in the OR it's like any other day. Shaun thinks Glassman is too slow while Glassman chats with another doctor about golf.

Andrews and Lim sound stoned as they talk to each other in the ER. Lim and Andrews argue about whether she's passive-aggressive. Lim tells Andrews she doesn't buy his talk about not caring about being President. He has a big ego. Andrews tells him she keeps just enough chaos in her life to feel cool. Lim complains about Andrews skintight clothes. The nurse tells them to stop talking.

Morgan tries to find out what Lea ate. Lea thinks Morgan's hair is on fire and gives her a speech about each dish's quality and potential hallucinogenic. Morgan tells Lea to ask people questions.

Shaun complains about Glassman to Jordan. She doesn't think he should be talking back to Glassman. Shaun decides he needs to se more patients and leaves Jordan by herself to close someone up.

Glassman treats a guy who won't take the day off because of his work.

Shaun talks very fast because there are so many patients here. He finds out a guy inserted a toothbrush into his rectum because he was bored. He is going too fast for the nurses.

Meanwhile, Glassman chats with his patient about the pressure the patient is under.

Lea goes around interviewing the staff about what they ate.

Asher complains to Park who is too out of it to be of much help.  Asher realizes his boyfriend freaked out because he called him his boyfriend. Park gives him a rambling speech about not getting stuck with someone who hides your recliner upstairs and how he has to express himself.

A nurse tells Shaun that Glassman is falling behind.

Morgan opens a locked door and finds Park and Asher doing a strip show. Park yells about loving his recliner and Asher is talking about loving his boyfriend. They fall off the bed.

Shaun sees a man who has high blood pressure who freaks out that he may be having a heart attack. Shaun gives him medicine but two seconds later he can't breathe.

Glassman says that the patient had an asthma attack because of the medicine Shaun gave him. Shaun starts defending himself to the patient. Glassman kicks him out and tells the patient he will be fine. Glassman tells Shaun that his stress caused the patient to be stressed. Shaun says that Glassman is too slow. Glassman is offended and orders Shaun to take a break.

Asher's boyfriend treats his wound and reassures him that he's not seeing anyone else. He liked being called Asher's boyfriend. Asher complains that he wants to meet his boyfriend's college friends. He wonders what is wrong with him. His boyfriend didn't think Asher would want to hear him rehash his college days. Asher thinks that's an excuse.

Morgan gives Park water. He rambles about how she is ashamed of him like she's ashamed of the recliner.

Asher is offended that his boyfriend doesn't want to invite him to see his friends.

A nurse calls Shaun over during his break to show him an  ultrasound. A weirdo with a rambling spine wants to put his ultrasound online for his followers.

Morgan thinks Asher's boyfriend put something in his sweet potatoes as a prank. She makes him go get the ingredients.

Shaun wants Jordan to ask Glassman to let him assist on the operation. She tells him today has been to ugh enough and she thinks he should talk  to Glassman himself.

Glassman says he needs a team that listens to him and embraces his style. Shaun is not in the surgery.

Morgan comes to see Park. She says once this is over they should talk. Park goes to hug her and collapses.

Glassman compliments Jordan. She tells him that he is stressing Shaun out and making him question himself. Glassman says questioning themselves is how surgeons learn. Jordan thinks it's time for Glassman to learn from Shaun.

Jerome lists the ingredients. Morgan says they need to find out what Park took because he has appendicitis. Jerome and Asher realizes that Asher accidentally used magic mushrooms.

Glassman asks Shaun to accompany him to the OR. Morgan needs someone to assist with Park's surgery. She wants Jordan to do it even th ough she's only a second year since Glassman needs Shaun. Glassman agrees.

Shaun asks if Glassman wants to discuss sports. He's good with discussing medicine and lets Shaun choose the approach.

Andrews is glad Lim talked him down. She is surprised he likes Spiderman. He says Isabel dragged him to the first movie and he loved it.  Lim says she used to watch Spiderman with Melendez so she hasn't seen the new one yet. Andrews admits it's not the same without Isabel. He was thinking about his life goals recently while working on the budget. He'd never imagined not being with Isabel and here he was. Lim tells him she doesn't hate him, though she's not happy with how he became President but he makes it look easy.

The operation is done but the heart is not improving. The patient starts to code. Shaun has an idea about reimplanting the aorta on the other side. Glassman tells him to take the lead.

While washing up, Glassman compliments Shaun and says he shouldn't have cut him out earlier. He hasn't done an all nighter in a while and needs a Scotch even though it's 8 AM.

Asher is sober now and apologies to Jerome. Jerome admits he wasn't being himself with Asher. He says that he was a goofball in college and he tends to be like that around his friends. He figured Asher wouldn't like that. Asher says he doesn't know what he's doing and Jerome has it all figured out. Jerome says the only thing he knows is he is really into Asher. Asher can meet his friends if he wants. Lea calls to him that he should say yes.

Jordan gives Park advice until Morgan comes. Morgan kicks her out and says she was thinking about that recliner. They can keep in the living room but get it reupholstered to represent them both.

Andrews calls Lim and tells her to put on Channel 39. Also a weekly meeting would be good. Spiderman 2 is on Channel 39. She and Andrews quote the movie together.

Shaun and Glassman drink Scotch together.


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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Lea: You have to eat something. It's kind of rude not to.
Shaun: Wouldn't it be ruder to take food and not eat it?

There aren't enough bays in the ER to babysit sick staff and also take care of patients.