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Shaun and Lea are at a rest stop enjoying 14 minutes of fresh air (Shaun's schedule) when they hear brakes squealing. A car speeds off, leaving a dog in the road. The dog limps away.

Park has an ER patient who had a wood chipper accident.

Shaun and Lea find the dog. Shaun tries to help its rib issues and decides to take it to the vet.

Powell finds a guy waiting for her. He's been shot. He says he's on parole and so he can't go to the hospital or he'll get arrested because he isn't supposed to be associating with gang members. Powell agrees to treat him at home.

Morgan suggests starting with the easier surgeries. She leaves when Andrews agrees.

Lim sees Powell and invites her to dinner. Asher sees her taking supplies and she says she's building a trauma simulator.

The vet can't do the procedure on the dog until tomorrow. Lea insists on staying so the vet can do the procedure.

Powell finds there is damage in the leg and needs a second opinion. She calls Asher, who doesn't believe this is a simulation.

Andrews' patient begins coding. No time for paddles. They need to do cardiac massage. They bring him back and Andrews says he can't handle any more surgery.

Lea and Shaun stay at a crappy hotel. Shaun doesn't like that the dog will make messes. Lea says their son will too. She is tired and goes to bed.

Powell's friend shows up and says something is wrong. His leg is infected and the bullet has to come out. He begs her to do it here.

The vet says the dog has lumbar fractures and will be incontinent. He recommends euthanasia. Lea refuses to accept this. She says Shaun has to find a surgery. Shaun thinks if Dr. Sinclair thinks it's hopeless, it is, and no one will adopt this dog. Lea says then they will. Shaun says he will find a surgery.

Asher thinks they should go to the hospital but Powell says this guy won't.

Morgan suggests they remove the patient's arm. She thinks they should ask his son, who Andrews says is only 16 and can't make decisions. Morgan says he would know what his father wants.

Lea tries to pet the dog and he barks aggressively, scaring her.

Powell's friend is in bad shape. He tells Asher about his daughter who never listens to anyone. Asher quips that sounds like Powell. Lim shows up to check on  her. After what happened with Perez, she was worried. Lim hears the guy groan and comes in to see what's going on.

The boy says that his dad always says we'll find a way. He thinks he would want to amputate the arm.

Glassman asks why Shaun is calling about a dog. Glassman thinks Lea is stressed about being a mom.  He suggests Shaun talk to Lea/

Lim stabilizes the patient and says this is unethical and stupid, possibly criminal. Powell insists Lim needs to operate here. Lim wants to know why the guy is on parole. Powell says instead that Vincent was the only one who helped her after her accident. She asks Asher to give them a second. Powell tells Lim that she helped her by getting her not to do the surgery four months ago.

Shaun talks to Lea, who wants to know if Glassman had ideas about the dog but admits she is worried about motherhood. She's worried that they may be incompatible as parents. Shaun does not plan to be like his parents. Lea worries she will mess up like her parents did. Her mom was flaky and forgot to get her from school. Shaun says they will support each other. He gets an ida for the dog.

Lim asks how Vincent ended up in prison. He says he had PTSD after Afghanistan and he thought a guy at a bar was looking at him funny. He's on meds and getting therapy now. The bullet has migrated and is harder to get to.

Andrews thinks they should amputate. Park says no. Dylan will have to drop out of school. Morgan says having a dead dad would also ruin Dylan's future. Andrews thinks Park is being patronizing but if he's confident he can save the guy's arm, let's do it. Morgan confronts Park about claiming her child-free status is relevant.

The vet isn't sure he can do this surgery. Lea is upset. The dog is innocent and she's attached to it. The vet asks who will pay for it. Shaun and Lea look at Glassman.

Park updates Dylan who wants to know why he asked him if he's not going to listen. He says his father has given up his whole life for him.

Glassman helps with the dog. Shaun tries to put his two cents in.

Vincent has been taken to the hospital. Lim insists on bagging the bullet for forensic evidence.

Glassman tells Lea that they were worried that Maddie wasn't latching on etc but she did eventually. Parents worry. Lea asks what Maddie was like. He says she ran everywhere and was angry a lot but loved deeply. Lea is worried about losing a child like he lost Madde, He says he didn't think he could go on but then he met Shaun. He thinks Lea and Shaun will make it.

Park's graft causes an obstruction and low blood flow to the brain. Andrews thinks they should cancel this surgery before the guy gets brain damage. Park says no and he manages to save the arm.

Shaun says if the dog's incontinent they can get a waterproof pad. They get the dog over to the pad.

Lim talks to Andrews who says Powell is the one who does what she wants. He hopes she isn't acting out of fear of losing a friend.

Park checks his patient and he's able to move his arm. He is grateful. Dylan is upset because he told them to amputate. His father says Dylan was there for him and he is proud of him.

At the vet, Lea is excited about adopting the dog but a family shows up. They saw the flyer and are so grateful to find their dog.

Morgan and Park talk at their lockers without looking at each other. Park finally turns around and apologizes. He says Callen isn't coming home for the holidays. Morgan reassures him he's not a crappy father. Morgan says her implantation failed.

Asher is upset that he is on probation. Lim informs Powell that she's firing her. However she is not going to tell the police about Vince. She says Powell needs to learn to compromise and she's sorry it worked out this way. Powell isn't as she saved Vince, so she did the right thing and will live with the consequences.

Lea says goodbye to the dog. She and Shaun leave for their nature walk.

Powell leaves the hospital.


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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Powell: I'm building a trauma simulator.
Asher: You're weird. You'll probably be my boss someday.

Lea: Oooh I love this so much. The fresh air... the trees...
Shaun: Good. You have 14 minutes to enjoy it.