On the Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9, a transgender patient makes a life changing decision while elsewhere, the medical team is forced to confront racist attitudes.


The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9 revolves around prejudice.

When a transgender patient comes into the hospital and turns out to be pregnant, Shaun asks an inappropriate question about his genitalia and is shooed away by Lim, who apologizes on his behalf, but Shaun doesn't understand what's wrong. Later, he talks to the patient's husband and realizes that he has been thinking in a very stereotypically gendered way.

Meanwhile, the patient has a huge decision to make. His pregnancy makes his cancerous tumor more aggressive, and if he terminates he won't need brain surgery. But he wants to carry to term despite pregnancy not usually being associated with men.

Elsewhere, a Black woman who comes into the hospital initially feels more comfortable that her entire medical team is made up of Black doctors, but later concludes that Claire and Enrique hold racist attitudes and wants to transfer to a different hospital. Glassman convinces her to stay, but she doesn't want Claire on the team anymore.

Glassman and Claire also try to convince Lim to get help with her PTSD, but Lim thinks that because she is a non-white woman in a leadership role, getting therapy would risk her job.

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On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9, Claire makes a disconcerting discovery about hospital practices and Lim deals with a pregnant patient's aggressive tumor.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Lim: Is there a problem with my work performance?
Glassman: No. You do fine work.
Lim: Then I'm not sure why we're having this conversation.
Glassman: Because people are worrying about you. Because people care about you. There is no shame in the struggle. If you need to see someone, the hospital will cover the costs.
Lim: Great, so you pay the bill but in the meantime what about the hit to my reputation?
Glassman: I don't think seeing a therapist will harm your reputation.
Lim: Says the white guy.

Glassman: I'm checking in to see how you are.
Lim: I'm fine. You?
Glassman: I'm recovering from the year.