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Morgan tells a patient his tumor can be managed with medication. He's glad because his fiancee will be relieved. (He's transgender). Morgan goes to update his records and finds the tumor has doubled in size.

Some woman is brought into the hospital singing. She is delerious and her BP is rising. She crashes. Claire gets complimented on what she chooses to do.

Glassman wants to check on Lim.  She insists she's fine and won't take time off. She says as a non-white person it will harm her reputation/career to see a therapist.

Shaun talks with some pretty radiologist. Everyone thinks he has a crush on her. Shaun says he loves Lea. Anyway, there is a high level of hormones. Since he is transgender he needs an ultrasound.

Enrique and Cliare disagree about the patient. She has untreated hypertension. Also her heart rate starts climbing.

The cancer patient's fiance is here. THere is a chance that he is pregnant. He forgot to take his testosterone. Yep, he's pregnant.

Heart isn't pumping properly. Patient is thrilled that three doctors of color will be working with her.

Shaun asks the trans guy if he's gay when he has vaginal intercourse. He doesn't understand why Lim kicks him out of the room. Lim apologizes to the patient and says the treatment plan for the tumor depends on the pregnancy. Eli thought kids were way down the road. Patient always assumed they would adopt. He'd have to go off T. If he has an abortion it will help with the cancer.

Claire and Enrique discuss their patient.

The radiology resident finds the Weather Channel soothing and invites Shaun to join her.  She appears to be autistic too. She asks to kiss him.

Shaun wakes up next to Lea. That was a dream.

Rio has changed his mind. He wants to keep the baby.

So now they have to do brain surgery to remove the tumor. Eli doesn't like that he doesn't have a say in this.Rio says he dreamed of having kids when he was a kid and thought he had to give that dream up when he transitioned. Eli is upset and leaves.

Claire talks to the patient about her options. The patient says she cares about people too. She wants to know what Claire would do in her situation. Claire tells her.The patient agrees.

Shaun is cold to the radiologist when she comes in and won't talk to her. She leaves.  Shaun is upset that he can't talk to the trans patient about his genitals (seriously?)  Anyway he's afraid that being attracted to this doctor means he should leave Lea for this woman.  Maybe he should take Lea out and tell her. He is discouraged from doing this.

Andrews tells Lim about someone who took a leave of absence because of being emotional. Lim is annoyed.

Shaun apologizes for reducing Rio to his genitalia. But why is he choosing a female act? Eli says it is not female if Rio is doing it. Shaun asks if Rio has a brother. His family doesn't talk to him.

Claire goes to talk to LIm who is angry that Claire thinks she needs help. If she asks for help that means she can't do her job. Claire says then no one needs to know. Lim accuses her of being judgmental.

Eli tells Rio he's sorry. Rio has gone blind and can't see him.

Lim talks to Rio who admits that he is worried about gender dysphoria if he's off T. The tumor will shrink on its own if he terminates. But he wants to take the risk even though he's scared.

awer and looks at a perMs. Norton wants to be transferred to a different hospital because of racial profiling.

Shaun is upset while with Lea. He tells her about this crush even though Park and Jordan t think he shouldn't. Lea is not mad but is surprised. She says she's attracted to other guys sometimes. Shaun gets upset. He thinks that means there is something wrong with the relationship. Lea says he's no plans to be with Dr. Desouza so no big deal.

Glassman goes to see Ms. Norton who is not interested in white people's opinions though Glassman informs her data shows that other hospitals are more racist. She agrees to stay but doesn't want Claire on the team. (Cause that makes sense when she thinks Claire is the one most like her.)

The tumor surgery begins. Shaun asks what makes someone a man. There is a medical emergency and Shaun asks  Lim what to do.  Lim freezes then makes a decision.

Meanwhile, Ms. Norton has problems in surgery too.

Lea comes to see Shaun and tell him reasons his crush is irritating. (Jealous maybe?)

Lim goes into a desk drawer and looks at a prescription.

Rio wakes up and can see again. They got all of the mass and can expect a full recovery and healthy pregnancy.

Claire goes to see Ms. Norton and says in med school people assumed she wasn't smart because she was Black and poor.  She is ashamed of judging her. Norton says she's tired of making white people comfortable.

Lea and Shaun run into DeSouza. Lea makes a point of making sure Shaun knows that De Souza eats pickles.

Andrews comes to see Lim with a peace offering. Lim says it was just a bad day. Claire comes in with the stats on racism in the hospital. Andrews takes a drink that no one else is interested in. Lim tells them that she's taking medication for PTSD.

Claire talks to Enrique. Did they have to work to make white people comfortable to be here?


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Lim: Is there a problem with my work performance?
Glassman: No. You do fine work.
Lim: Then I'm not sure why we're having this conversation.
Glassman: Because people are worrying about you. Because people care about you. There is no shame in the struggle. If you need to see someone, the hospital will cover the costs.
Lim: Great, so you pay the bill but in the meantime what about the hit to my reputation?
Glassman: I don't think seeing a therapist will harm your reputation.
Lim: Says the white guy.

Glassman: I'm checking in to see how you are.
Lim: I'm fine. You?
Glassman: I'm recovering from the year.