On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17, Shaun struggles to be Jared's boss after Andrews tells him not to display any signs of favoritism toward him.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 revolves around the need to listen.

Shaun is excited to begin working with Jared again until Andrews tells him not to call Jared by his first name or show him any signs of favoritism. He and Jared work on the case of a girl with severe Tourette's Syndrome who has injuries following an altercation with kids who were bullying her.

The team soon learns the girl's Tourette's is a misdiagnosis and she has a brain tumor. Jared suggests a recession, which Shaun says is too risky and the mother agrees. Jared is concerned about the patient's mental health but Shaun wants him to follow his lead. When Jared finds a way to get the patient's mother to consent, Shaun complains to Glassman.

Meanwhile, Park and Asher work with a family consisting of a preschooler with a serious heart condition, his mother, and his grandmother, who is the legal guardian. The boy needs heart surgery, but the grandmother is afraid to consent.

Finally, Asher has trouble accepting the fact that Jerome didn't tell him about his HIV status until now despite Lim and Park trying to convince him to give Jerome another chance.

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On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17, Dr. Murphy must learn how to work with Dr. Kalu again and remind him that he must start all over at St. Bonaventure.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Woman: Mom, I don't have to get your permission to deal with my son.
Grandmother: Actually, you do. I'm his legal guardian.

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